Flavortown in your mug: Guy gets into coffee, wine

Drink up, Guy's making wine and coffee


No one can accuse Santa Rosa’s Guy Fieri of letting grass grow under his feet. Or not lending his celeb-chef name to everything from sausages and frying pans to barbecue sauce, pizzas and salsa. He is the mayor of Flavortown, after all.

So, two new items of note: Keurig owners can get a bevy of Fieri’s Flavortown Roast — flavored coffees that include bananas foster, caramel apple bread pudding (“All the flavor from my righteous Caramel Apple Bread Pudding stuffed into your mug”), chocolate mint, hazelnut cinnamon roll and hot fudge brownie.

Says Fieri: “Over the past year, I’ve been working with an awesome team of coffee nuts to create a killer line that’s ready to rock! My fans are going to dig the huge taste, big aroma and funky flavors in my brand new collection.”

So, okay, we can all look forward to that.

But BiteClub has the scoop on a Fieri project that’s got some serious legs. The Diners, Drive Ins and Dives chef is working with Guy Davis of Davis Family Vineyards to release Hunt & Ryde wines. 

According to Davis, whose wines regularly garner 90+ points from critics, Guy and Guy were introduced by Fieri’s parents, who were fans of Davis’ wines. And it isn’t that big of a stretch, because Fieri owns a notable pinot vineyard that sells to the likes of Williams Selym.

Davis says he’s grown close to the celebrity chef during the winemaking process, which Fieri takes very seriously. “He was picking, and on the sorting table during harvest,” said Davis.

The first wines (which won’t be released until late 2014 or 2015)include a Bordeaux blend from Rockpile; Estate Pinot and two zinfandels. “Guy is drawn to bigger, bold flavors,” said Davis. Shocking, right? “Each will have its own personality and really express the place,” he said.

The wines will retail for roughly $40 a bottle and sales will benefit Fieri’s charities. Cheers to that.

Um, maybe it’s time for another photo shoot?






22 thoughts on “Flavortown in your mug: Guy gets into coffee, wine

  1. Whether you’re making fun of this or not, Heather, you’re still advertising for him.

    I liked when this blog was about new restaurants that you would actually go to before everyone else, and provide photos from, and review. Why weren’t you at the new Rosso restaurant’s “Show, Tell, and Taste” on Sunday? Did you even know about it?

    1. well for being useless, he must be doing something right. He probably laughs at his nay-sayers all the way to the bank. If you can match his business sense, then just do it instead of criticizing those who have.

      1. Ok Guy…we know it’s you…you gave yourself away by using a girl’s name and needing to be the defender on several posts on here. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

  2. He is a great promoter–but please, he is not a chef… ever eat at any of his restaruants? you will only eat there once…

  3. I don’t know guy personally, but I think that all the negative people should chill out. The guy, (no pun intended) is an entrepreneur, capitalizing on the momentum of his fame, and most people would probably do the exact same thing if given the opportunity and are probably just jealous.

    Plus, he has probably done more for local and other charities in the last several years than all the haters here will do in their combined lifetime.

    Relax people. If you do not like something, just do not buy it.


    1. I always love this brilliant argument…”you all think he’s a douche…so you MUST be jealous!”.

      Yeah…that’s it…we are all so seething with jealousy that we can’t see straight. We all lie awake at night WISHING we could be him.

      Brilliant point you made.

      You know there ARE actually people out there who don’t care how much fame and fortune you can make if you are giant tool in the process, who sells garbage. For some, the ends DON’T justify the means. Shocking!!!!

  4. guy has NO wine knowledge… Just another marketing ploy. He picked grapes? He was there during harvest? A bit of a joke. The REAL wineries must be shuttering in horror.

  5. I’m sad that nationally people associate Santa Rosa with this dude. Honestly there is way local talented chefs than this guy. Personally met him and he is so into himself… He thinks he is God’s gift to cooking. Go away Guy, and your restuarants are mediocre at best.

  6. I’ll never forget almost getting run down by Guy and his crew as he sped the wrong way down the entrance driveway from BR Cohn after a concert. Seems he didn’t want to wait his turn like everyone else so he sped down the driveway pedestrians were using screaming out the window of his Hummer the entire way with his crew laughing as we jumped out of the way. I tolerated him until that day…I’ve written him off ever since…

  7. He’s just a celebrity on his way down…but he’ll make a lot of money along the way and laugh all the way to the bank. No real cooking talent that I can see.

  8. One of life’s mysteries: having visited countless “diners, drive-ins, and dives” over the last several years, it would seem logical Guy would pick and choose the best dishes and replicate them at his local establishments. After all, he could just show his chefs the TV clip and, as he says, “shut the front door.” In reality, the food at his places is nothing more than mediocre and void of any creativity. All you can conclude, sadly said since he is a local boy, is that he is the face in front of a high-powered marketing machine.

  9. COFFEE? How original…
    And the flavors? YUCK!
    doesn’t anyone make coffee that tastes like coffee anymore?
    Aren’t there enough vanilla, caramel and chocolate fudge flavored coffees out there now?
    Good luck Guy….

  10. Awesome!! More foods he can ruin and do terribly!!! I can’t wait to not try these things!! When will this talentless obnoxious d-bag go away?????

  11. I personally have had enough of this over rated buffoon. He dresses like some
    Midwest f@g and acts about the same, obnoxious to the max. Screw him.

    1. I myself am no fieri fan, but that type of language is really infantile and nasty.

      try getting more creative with your insults next time.

      use your words.

    1. Most people struggle to do one thing well.

      Mr. Fieri is no different.

      With this new venture, his already limited talent will be stretched even further resulting in profound mediocrity.

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