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Terducken of cakes: The Chernuttle

Imagine if a cake ate two pies and four donuts. Yeah, it's that.

Meet the Chernuttle, the son of the popular CherPumple — a godforsaken behmoth of a cake. The ridiculous idea? Bake an entire pie inside a layer of cake. Repeat three times. Then frost and attempt to eat.
No seriously. It’s an internet sensation. And your friends will think you’re terribly clever. Plus, I was bored last night.
So here’s BiteClub’s take…
– Level one: Spiced cake with an apple pie baked inside
– Level two: Yellow cake with a cherry pie baked inside
– Level three: White cake with glazed donuts baked inside, mostly because the structural integrity of the dang thing was getting pretty precarious and it seemed like it needed a lighter layer.
Total weight: Approx six pounds. Regret after eating: Endless.
Here’s the inspiration video:

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