Terducken of cakes: The Chernuttle

Imagine if a cake ate two pies and four donuts. Yeah, it's that.

Meet the Chernuttle, the son of the popular CherPumple — a godforsaken behmoth of a cake. The ridiculous idea? Bake an entire pie inside a layer of cake. Repeat three times. Then frost and attempt to eat.
No seriously. It’s an internet sensation. And your friends will think you’re terribly clever. Plus, I was bored last night.
So here’s BiteClub’s take…
– Level one: Spiced cake with an apple pie baked inside
– Level two: Yellow cake with a cherry pie baked inside
– Level three: White cake with glazed donuts baked inside, mostly because the structural integrity of the dang thing was getting pretty precarious and it seemed like it needed a lighter layer.
Total weight: Approx six pounds. Regret after eating: Endless.
Here’s the inspiration video:

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8 thoughts on “Terducken of cakes: The Chernuttle

  1. Wow! I have to make that cake now. It’s like my baking skills are being challenged. What about having a different flavor frosting for the filling layers? Or incorporating chocolate somehow? I’ll have to think about those…

  2. Sorry. This thing is over the top and completely gross. I suppose, if you believe more is more then this is for you. I happen to firmly believe in “less is more”.

  3. I saw the cake you made this morning and the only question I had was which was taller the cake or the stack of pots and pans!! WOW! I was truly impressed.
    The picture was great and the apples in the bottom layer were so good…..oops! Now you know I took a bite!
    Who cares if it tips over.Try it, you’ll like it!

  4. I can be sure that if I were to attempt to make one of these myself, all the “layers” would somehow end up laying next to each other rather than piled neatly as yours seem to be. And can I just say: Making it with glazed donuts? A stroke of genius.

  5. Some things you have to do simply because they can, and therefore must, be done. This is one of them, and I applaud you for it.

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