Chocolate Covered Bacon: My Waterloo

Sometimes I miss stuff. And you tell me about it.

Adorable children love chocolate bacon!

I’m a hickory smoked slab of Heather covered in a blanket of rich, delicious guilt. I missed the Chocolate Covered Bacon at the Sonoma County Fair.
I could point fingers. I could lay blame. I could pretend that I’d eaten it and loved it. But the fact of the matter is simply that I missed it during our Fair Food Scramble. It is my Waterloo.
I was prepared to let it drop, but people keep freaking asking me about it. I don’t know already!

Thankfully, BiteClubbers (as always) come through. While there have been plenty of “yums” on the plus side, my inside eaters say that its more about the fun factor than the actual deliciousness. Here are some pix and comments from the faithful fans who eternally pick up the slack that I have left behind. Bless you…and your arteries.
From one BiteClubber: “My friend Nick said it tasted like a “salty Charleston Chew” and I think that’s pretty accurate.”
Further description: “Was it earth shattering? No. Was it a marriage of two wonderful things like Reese’s did with chocolate and peanut butter? Not really. Then again, I made the mistake of taking a bite from the fatty end first. It’s difficult to tell with it being coated in chocolate and all. Lucky for me, I had a funnel cake as a palette cleanser.
Ann sends this picture of she and a friend sharing the bacon. And while entertaining, she was personally a bigger fan of the Virtual Reality Ride Booth. Ann…friends don’t let friends bacon and ride.
So what did you think? Love it? Hate it? Send me a picture of you eating it and I’ll try to post it.