Vazzoler to chef new Hburg steakhouse?

BiteClub hears that Gary Danko alum, Kolin Vazzoler, may be tapped as chef for Cyrus toque Douglas Keane’s in-the-works steakhouse venture.  Vazzoler was executive sous chef in Danko’s kitchen for eight years, and more recently executive chef at Marche in Menlo Park.
Though Keane is still reportedly in the process of nailing down some final details on the space (the former Cena Luna), it’s no secret that he’s been jonesing for a steakhouse in Healdsburg for some time. Keane’s been real estate scoping for months, and recently told BiteClub, “I can’t believe people haven’t done it yet in Healdsburg. All we really have for great steaks in Sonoma County is Stark’s, and people in Healdsburg won’t always go to Santa Rosa. I’ve just always wanted to do this for the great wines here.”
But don’t expect it to be called “Cyrus Steak”. Keane recently said that the restaurant will incorporate his signature Asian influences, but won’t be as high end and tweezer-perfect as multi-Michelin-starred Cyrus. “This will be all about the meat, the flavors and the wines. Simple California cuisine.”
This is the third venture for the chef. Along with Cyrus, Keane is part of the management team of the casual burgery, Healdsburg Bar and Grill, along with Cyrus maitre’d Nick Peyton. He will be a co-owner of the steakhouse and plans to involve Peyton in the management team.

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8 thoughts on “Vazzoler to chef new Hburg steakhouse?

  1. I hope it is better than is signature spot, which my be the most over-rated multi-Michelin-starred resturant I have ever been to. I spend summers on Kauai and Jean-Marie Josslin just opened up a brand new Tapas hot spot and Cyrus and Keane couldn’t even come close to what JM puts out. Stunning food to say the least.

  2. Since Ken Rochioli sold Western Boot…Healdsburg has not had a locals steakhouse – we miss Ken!
    Bring back Western Boot 🙂
    Too bad about Cena Luna….but is this really the best location for a steakhouse?

  3. To say that there are no steakhouses in the area is a pretty off the wall comment. Maybe not, if you consider the source……

    1. I think he said..”really great”, not “none”. I would agree that with that statement. We certainly have some good and okay ones. But very few I’d categorize as “great”.

  4. Hopefully it’ll be better than his other side venture. Healdsburg Bar & Grill is horrible in terms of food and service. Been there 3 times which is one more time I usually give a place if its not good. It’s been progressively worse each time. Must rely on unknowing tourist at HBG.
    Good idea for a steakhouse in Healdsburg. I love me a good steak!

  5. There’s also cricklewood, which i hear is pretty decent.
    I stopped at Stormy’s the other day. Wow. That’s a funky place.

  6. Saddles, Stormy’s have to be on the Sonoma County list for solid steaks as well, although I’m looking forward to more…for my wife, the carnivore

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