Jerky of the Month Club

Forget Slim Jims, this is how Wine Country does jerky.

John Sebastiani and Jens Hoj
John Sebastiani and Jens Hoj

Your boss.
The DMV.
That lady in accounting.
The kid who dented your car yesterday.
All potential members of the Jerky of the Month Club.
The one who deserves it most of all? You.
Packed with protein and bursting with tasty flavors like Beef Chili Lime, Sweet Chipotle, Smoky Grilled Pork Teriyaki, Beef Curry and Lemon Garlic Turkey, Wine Country’s own Krave Jerky is everything you love about dried meat — and a whole lot less.
Using super lean cuts of pork, beef and turkey, Jon Sebastiani (yes, the wine family) and pal Jens Hoj (who’s spent plenty of time in high-end kitchens) are the guys behind this new alterna-energy snack, as well as their own target market. “We’re reintroducing jerky,” said Sebastiani, a runner who wanted a tasty convenience food that was high in protein. Higher, in fact, than nuts, raisins, or sunflower seeds and wasn’t the greasy, rubbery stuff you find in gas stations and truck stops.
With plans for world jerky domination (jerky is actually a $4 billion dollar industry dominated by brands like Oberto, Jack LInks and Slim Jims), they’re converting fans one bag at a time. Not to mention putting some dents of their own in the inventory.
“We’re eating about five bags every three days, so we figured Club Memebers would have no problem munching down 5 bags a month,” said the jerky guys.  Joining their fledgling Jerky of the Month Club means you’ll get plenty of protein power delivered to your doorstep for $25 (with free shipping) each month.
The duo continue to test new flavors (cabernet rosemary flanksteak and chardonnay thyme pork are in the works), keeping things interesting. And keeping you in the company of some serious jerky.
Krave Jerky, available online at