Vive La France! Where to Celebrate Bastille Day in Sonoma

What better way to celebrate all things French than with fine wine, food, friends and live music? You can do it all in Sonoma County.

July 2019

This July 14, as has been the custom for more than 200 years, people in France will line rivers, rues and boulevards to celebrate all things French during La Fête Nacional. In Paris, they’ll picnic to the sound of symphonic music on the Champs de Mars, see firework displays from the Eiffel Tower, and then dance the night away with firemen at the Bals des Pompiers. (Those French, they sure know how to party.)

Meanwhile, in the United States and other Francophile regions in the world, people will don berets and striped shirts, drink wine, play pétanque, maybe even wave the tricolore flag, all the while wishing they were really in France (or as effortlessly stylish as the French). In Sonoma County, possibly the closest thing to Provence on this side of the Atlantic (or at least, that’s what we like to think), French-Americans and Francophiles alike can attend a variety of Bastille Day events. Click through the gallery for details and Vive la France!