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Amateur Brewers Get Petaluma Spotlight

Petaluma has a rich brewing history, making the current wave of interest in craft beer more of a resurgence than a fad. Not surprisingly, last year’s inaugural Sonoma County Home Brewers Competition was so well attended that organizers have moved the event to the Petaluma Fairgrounds, where there is more space for this year’s event, […]

Local Favorites Jackie Greene, Steve Kimock Headed to Petaluma Music Festival

Tickets are on sale now for the ninth annual Petaluma Music Festival, set for Aug. 6 at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, 175 Fairgrounds Drive in Petaluma. The festival lineup features a long list of regional favorites, including Jackie Greene, Steve Kimock and Friends, The David Nelson Band, The Mother Hips, Moonalice, Mark Karan (Artist at Large), […]

The Alchemia Gallery is Fostering Creative Gifts in Petaluma

For the artists who show at The Alchemia Gallery in Petaluma, art is not only good for the soul, it’s a pathway to independence and self-empowerment. Opened in 2010, the Kentucky Street storefront showcases the work of a unique collective: adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome, autism and cerebral […]

Ibis: Rare Birds Spotted in Petaluma

Written by Eric Gneckow for the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Many hundreds of bird species have made an appearance in the expansive wetlands of southeast Petaluma, delighting birders and casual observers alike. But every now and then, one species takes the spotlight. In what one wetlands activist described as a potentially once-in-a-generation event, a group of white-faced […]

Petaluma Painter Roberta Ahrens: The Wall is Her Canvas

Whether Roberta Ahrens creates a panoramic mural or an 8-by-8-foot painted canvas, her work is never diminutive. Nature speaks to her in a loud voice, and she translates that inspiration into paintings that are lifelike yet unique. She paints cherubs on ceilings, and lilies, poppies and peonies on cracked linen, bringing vibrancy and boldness to […]