5 Petaluma Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day, Including Romantic Walks and Dinners

Spice it up with a burlesque show or play it safe with dinner and a riverside stroll - Petaluma has something for every kind of lovebird.

Cupids float across storefront windows, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates line the candy shelves, and a sea of pink and red awaits in the greeting card aisle. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to dream up a great date night that isn’t too cliche.

[Want to pair your date with some wine tasting? Check out these tasting rooms in downtown Petaluma]

If you’re looking for a memorable experience with some Sonoma County flair, make picturesque Petaluma the destination for your date. This charming city has starred in several movies and has no shortage of fine dining establishments, fun venues and pretty views. Click through the gallery for five Petaluma date ideas that offer a little something for every kind of lovebird.


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