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“Bro” Mosa Cocktail Recipe

Bro Mosa Cocktail: A studlier version of the classic Mimosa

Bromosa Cocktail Recipe
Bro Mosa: The Dude's Answer to the Mimosa

Dude Drink of the Week: Monti’s answer to the Mimosa.
Vodka + beer = A fighting chance at seeing Sex & The City 2 tonight.
Serve in an 8-10 oz “bucket”” glass. Wearing as little as possible for optimal effect.
The Bro Mosa
3/4 oz Smirnoff Vodka
2/3 full glass w/ PBR*
1/3 remaining glass w/OJ
Garnish with an Orange Wedge
From Monti’s Rotisserie
714 Village Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
p: 707.568.4404

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