Getting My Just Desserts: Funnel Cake Fury

Never overlook the funnel cake. Really. Don't do it.

Nancy's Fancy Funnel Cakes
Nancy's Fancy Funnel Cakes

Upsetting a lady who works with boiling oil all day isn’t a good plan. Ever.
Apparently a poorly-conceived quip (trust me, they’re all poorly conceived) about the wonder of Harvey’s Gourmet Mini Donuts (come on, they’re mini donuts!) putting “funnel cakes to shame” (which I thought was clever, and still do) didn’t sit too well with Nancy Cordova, of Fancy Funnel Cakes.
“Maybe it is that you have not tried our funnel cakes, or you just made a hasty statement without realizing how harmful this could be for our business,” she said in a recent email. Or, maybe I wasn’t aware of the wrath of a Funnel Cake lady scorned.
Consider me schooled. Nancy’s Fancy Funnel Cakes are delightful. See the picture at right if you don’t believe me. It is most likely the sexiest funnel cake you will ever see — covered with whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and fresh strawberries. Click on it. Really. It’s delightful. If you don’t try one, you are just plain silly. I would suggest a head-to-head with the donuts just to be fair to everyone involved.
You can find Nancy and her Fancy Funnel Cakes each Wednesday night at the Downtown Santa Rosa Market. So there. Now excuse me while I go smooth things over with the cupcake gals, because I think I may have stepped on their butter cream frosted toes as well.