Oh, the bonanza of food to be found at the Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market. Take a deep dive into the gallery for some of our favorite dishes.

–Isabella Bankmann contributed to this story

Here’s a complete list of food vendors at the 2017 Market: 

Adobos n’More- Wraps and Adobos

Anello Family Crab and Seafood- Freshly Caught Crab Seafood

Berkmans Spices- Spices

Best of Burma 2- Burmese Food

CA Cookie- Cookies

California Funnel Cakes- Funnel Cakes

Dave’s Nitro K Ice Cream- Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Bon Bons

Dirty Girl Donuts- Donuts

DK Concessions- Caramel Apples

Fruity Moto- Traditional Mexican Fruit and Fruit Drinks

Gaia’s Garden- Vegetarian Food

Gerard’s Paella- Paella

Kafal- Indian Food

Killer Baking Co.- Brownies, Ice Cream, and Cookies

Lata’s Indian Cuisine- Indian Food

Lemonade Stand-

Mary’s Churros- Churros, Soda, and Water

Min-Hee Hill Gardens- Korean Kim-Chi and Spring Rolls

MKM Concessions- Kettle Corn

Mommy’s Yammys- Mediterranean Food

Mom’s Apple Pie- Apple Pie

Mountain Mikes- Pizza

Nellies Oysters- Barbecue Oysters, and Fish and Chips

Pacheco Roasted Corn- Roasted Corn on a Stick

Pasta King- Pasta

Pilon Kitchen- Venazulean Food

Queen Bee Kitchen- Jams

Rainy Day Chocolate- Handmade Chocolates

Ralph’s Courthouse Classics- Hot Dogs

Red Rose Catering- Catfish, Fried Chicken, and Mac N Cheese

Sinful Fusion- Turkish Food: Doner, Borek Kafte, Quinoa

Sonoma Crust- Donuts Beignets

Swine Country Barbecue- Barbecue Turkey, and Sausage Sandwiches

Top that Yogurt- Frozen Yogurt, Popsicles, and Tacos

Tea and Trumpets- Tea and Accessories