Where to Get the Best Steak in Sonoma County

Finding steak on a menu isn't hard. Finding a great steak, however, is a quest. We've found the best in Sonoma County.

Finding steak on a menu isn’t hard. Finding a great steak, however, is a quest.

The secret to a great steak is letting it just be a steak. It doesn’t need heavy sauces or time-consuming preparation. How you grill it at home is pretty much how it’s cooked in a restaurant. No major mystery.

What makes it worth heading out for New York strip, ribeye, porterhouse or filet mignon is the right sourcing and technique.

Restaurants can get special cuts from their trusted purveyors that may be dry-aged, sourced locally or from other countries, like Japan. Chefs also know how to get that perfect char on the outside and delicate pinkness all the way through. For home cooks, it’s often a toss up between raw and well-done, racing just to get the steak on the table — warm. A grocery store sirloin in dad’s hands just isn’t going to be the same as it is at a top-notch restaurant.

So, we’ve come up with some great spots in Sonoma County that make that steak worth the price tag — from ultra-luxe to weeknight splurge. Click through the gallery above for details.