Vive La France! 10 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in Sonoma County

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day than with fine wine, food, friends and French music? You can do it all in Sonoma County.

Bastille Day, the French national day which commemorates the 1789 storming of the fortress Bastille Saint-Antoine as a turning point in the French revolution, is this Saturday, July 14. In Paris, French folks and tourists alike will line river, rues and boulevards. They’ll picnic to the sound of symphonic music on the Champs de Mars, see firework displays from the Eiffel Tower, and then dance the night away with firemen at the Bals des Pompiers. This year, on the following day, they’ll also watch the World Cup final between Croatia and France.

In Sonoma County, there may not be an Eiffel Tower or a fireman’s ball (or a lot of soccer, for that matter) but that won’t stop Francophiles from celebrating La Fête Nationale. After all, we share a passion for fine food and wines – so the more reason to say a resounding Vive la France! If you’d like to celebrate all things French, click through the above gallery for local Bastille Day events.