20 Things Worth The Wait In Sonoma County

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Sonoma County is full of hidden gems and local spots, but some of the best spots come with long lines. A prime example is the hours-long lines for Pliny the Younger. Here are 20 things in Sonoma County that are worth the wait. 

The Lagunitas Beer Circus

It might take an hour to get in, even with a ticket, but once you’re inside the gates, a brew-filled party ensues. The Beer Circus is held mid-August at the Petaluma Fairgrounds.

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(Photo by Beth Schlanker)


A cheeseburger from Superburger. With three locations (Cotati, Santa Rosa, Windsor), Superburger serves up awesome, greasy cheeseburgers. On any given night, customers fill up the dining room waiting for “fancy burgers” and homemade shakes.

(Photo by John Burgess)

Levi’s Granfondo

The starting line for Levi’s GranFondo with 3,500 participants. This annual cycling event, both a race or a casual ride, features 11 different paths cyclists can take around Sonoma County.

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(Photo by John Burgess)

Whale Watching at Bodega Head

For this one, the waiting comes at the mercy of the whales. However, once you see just one pod travel through, the waiting is worthwhile. The peak months for whale watching are January through May.

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(Photo by Christopher Chung)

Autographs at the Green Music Center

Program autographs from well-known performers at the Green Music Center in Rohnert Park.

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(Photo by Alvin Jornada)

Teeing Off at the Bennett Valley Golf Club in Santa Rosa

Low prices can attract a crowd of golfers, so what would be a 4-hour-game turns into a 5-hour-game. But on a gorgeous afternoon, it’s worth waiting for.

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(Photo by Christopher Chung)

Screamin’ Mimi’s in Sebastopol

Screamin’ Mimi’s in Sebastopol is a locals favorite. On a warm summer day, you can expect to see a line almost out the door for these frozen treats.

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(Photo by John Burgess)

The Human Race

The starting line at the Human Race. Hundreds of runners and walkers participate in the Human Race in Santa Rosa every year and the lines are usually long.

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(Photo by John Burgess)

Flying Goat Coffee in Santa Rosa

Flying Goat Coffee in Santa Rosa has delicious coffee and long lines because so much care goes into each cup: each latte gets its own pitcher of steamed milk. This cup isn’t for the grab-and-go types, it’s for coffee lovers looking for a relaxed morning.

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(Photo by John Burgess)

The Fremont Diner in Sonoma

Chad Harris opened the Fremont Diner in Sonoma for breakfast and lunch so he could be home to pick up his kids from school.

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Pliny the Younger 

Beer lovers from around the world stand in line for hours on end for their chance to taste the limited release Pliny the Younger at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa.

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(Photo by John Burgess)

Girl and the Fig in Sonoma

Even with a reservation, it can take while to be seated at the Girl and the Fig in Sonoma. But once the dishes make it to the table, the delicious flavors make up for the wait time.

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(Photo by Conner Jay)

WildFlour Bread in Freestone

WildFlour Bread in Freestone serves up a different selection every day, but if you can get one of their fresh baked scones, the drive out to Freestone is well worth it.

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(Photo by Crista Jeremiason)

El Roy’s Mexican Grill

El Roy’s Mexican Grill, which has been voted the best food truck in Sonoma County, often has a line spanning the parking lot they’re in. But it’s no wonder people wait for El Roy’s, the tacos are the real deal. The truck can be found on  Edith St. in Petaluma or Sebastopol Road in Roseland.

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(Photo by Christopher Chung)

The Naked Pig in Santa Rosa

Breakfast at the Naked Pig restaurant in Santa Rosa. This small restaurant on Santa Rosa Ave. fills up quick, but the farm to table food is incredible.

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(Photo by Chris Hardy)

Country Summer

Headline acts at Country Summer are guaranteed long lines. Each year, this event is held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa and attracts country music lovers from all over.

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(Photo by Kent Porter)

Lucchesi’s Deli in Petaluma

Lucchesi’s Deli in Petaluma is a local favorite. This mom-and-pop deli serves up some of the most delicious sandwiches around. Around lunch, the small space is packed with people from all over Petaluma – from business men to high schoolers.

Photo courtesy of Lucchesis)
Photo courtesy of Lucchesis)

Sonoma County Fair Funnel Cakes

Once a year, funnel cakes at the Sonoma County Fair are available. The lines for these deep fried treats can sometimes be longer than the ride lines, but just one bite is powdered-sugar heaven.

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(Photo by Kent Porter)

Amy’s Drive-Thru

Amy’s Drive-Thru in Rohnert Park often has lines, both inside and in the drive-thru, which can be tedious to sit through on an empty stomach. But this one-of-a-kind fast food joint has the best veggie burger in town.  The busiest times are around noon and 5 p.m.

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(Photo by Kent Porter)

Phin Bar Pop-up Stand

Phin Bar serves up a selection of Vietnamese-style steeped coffee drinks and Thai Tea at their pop-up stands in local farmers markets, but waiting in between markets for a Vietnamese coffee fix can be tough.

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(Photo by Erik Castro)

Looking for more things to do in Sonoma County? Click here

Looking for more things to do in Sonoma County? Click here

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