Yanni’s Sausage Grill Penngrove

Yanni's Sausage Grill in Penngrove takes sausage seriously

Picture is bad because I started drooling and wiggled the lens. Really

Picture is bad because I started drooling and wiggled the lens. Really

Blink and you’ll miss the micro-storefront location of Yanni’s Sausage Grill in Penngrove— a bare bones walk-up eatery that takes its sausage seriously.
Because sausage is the new hot dog. The fatter, sassier, more interesting cousin to the humble weiner, sausages have the added benefit of, well, flavor. Stuffed with pork, chicken, lamb or turkey and a variety of spices, herbs and add-ons like apple, mango, mint or peppers, they’re the total package.
For best results: Grill to within an inch of bursting from its snappy natural casing, plop onto a toasted sweet Italian roll, top with sweet peppers and grilled onions, and you’ve got a fingers-burning-through-the-foil street classic.
On the menu, eight flavors of sausage — from Loukaniko, a rustic Greek sausage with citrus and spice; garlic mint, sweet and hot Italian, chicken limoncello; Olympic Flame (extra hot made with brandy); greek kalamata olive and feta; and lamb sausage served with tzatziki. All are under $6, most under $5. Buy a couple because you’ll likely want another after scarfing down the first. They’ll burn your tongue and scorch your fingers, but slowing down to savor these dogs just ain’t an option.
The tiny space (expect to eat sitting on the sidewalk or for takeout) also plans to serve up deep dish pizzas on Friday and Saturdays and a breakfast pizza on Sunday mornings. Hours are still fairly early, but sandwiched between two bars, it wouldn’t be difficult to do a brisk late night biz.
And by the way, if you’re going by can you bring me one?
Yanni’s Sausage Grill, 10007 Main St., Penngrove, 795-7088. Open Wednesday through Friday, 11am to 6pm; Saturday 10am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 3pm.


21 thoughts on “Yanni’s Sausage Grill Penngrove

  1. We tried Yanni’s for the first time yesterday. We tried the Loukoniko, the chicken limoncello, the greek olive and feta cheese and the lamb sausage. All were absolutely outstanding. Had a side of chili which was wonderful. The owners are as nice a couple as you could ever meet. I can’t wait to go back.

  2. YYYYummy yanni’s! heard they have a new pizza oven and are planning a scrumptious array of deep dish pizza, Fransesca style… Love the Greek Salad ! Keep it up guys!

  3. Absolutely delicious! Fresh, flavorful and hits the spot. The bread from Full Circle (another Penngrove spot) is a perfect combination. We ordered a Greek salad – also great, and they gave us a taste of the Greek chili, so it is going to be hard to decide what to order when we go back. What a wonderful addition to the local food scene!

  4. Hi Heather….Thanks for “finding” Yanni’s. I want by yesterday, and had a Hot Italian Sausgae on a
    nice, fresh grilled roll, with grilled onions and peppers. I was thinking about adding condiments,
    but NO, that is not necessary. The sandwich was fantastic. I also tried their Potato Salad and it
    was really good. Very Greek, and unique. The owners are super friendly, and enjoy talking
    Giants baseball. I’ll be back soon.

  5. I’m always on the look-out for a good sausage and/or hot dog. They are one of my favorite things to eat. A recent transplant from Silicon Valley I moved to Sonoma County in January 2010 and have been on the hunt for a scrumptious sausage since without much luck. My job commute from Petaluma to Santa Rosa takes me through Penngrove when Highway 101 is too much to deal with and a few weeks back Yanni’s caught my eye. I immediately stopped my car but it was after hours so the place was closed. I got back on the road disappointed I didn’t get there before closing hours wondering if the ultimate sausage place could be located in Penngrove? Well today I got my answer. YES! I stopped for lunch and had one of the best sausages I’ve ever eaten. I had a taste explosion with the “Greek” sausage. Filled with kalamata olives and feta and topped with grilled peppers and onions served on a fabulous french bread roll. OMG, it’ was delicious! The owner’s John and Francesca couldn’t have been nicer. I have a feeling it won’t be long before I’m standing in line on Main Street to get into the tiny place for my sausage fix. I’m definitely detouring off 101 on a regular basis now that I know about Yanni’s.

  6. Yanni’s is absolutely the best Greek deli ever! I live about an hour away and have no problem going there to enjoy the flavors of little Greece. When you walk in there it really feels like you are in Greece, such an adorable place! My hat goes off to Yanni’s! Finally a great sausage place in Sonoma County!

  7. OK, just made the trek to Yanni’s and after one week in, they met and exceeded all my expectations. It was lovely to meet Fran & “Yanni”, who were as sweet and gracious as could be, and they’re even former Sebastopolians so we had something in common to converse about! Sampled their house chili and chips and the Greek Lamb sausage, and all were quite yummy and as already mentioned, quite affordable. I wish them much success with their passionate endeavor!!

  8. omg! I am so happy after eating a chicken Limóncello sausage! Who knew? Love the lemon flavor and nice pepper kick to it. Had it with sautéed onions and peppercino. Ate a bag of Yanni’s chips while I was waiting – nice flavored bread chips. I think I may have to make more excuses to go thru Penngrove now! – I can’t wait to try the Greek sausage. And yes, the couple running the place were very pleasant.

  9. This is by far one of the most hidden gems you can find in Sonoma County!!! The food is absolutely incredible, the atmosphere makes you feel as if you stepped into Athens for a moment and the couple who own it are the two most friendly, loving and generous good hearted people you can find. A+ for their prices as well. A must-try eatery for every eater’s palette!!!!

  10. Yanni’s is a great eatery in a great little town(Penngrove). The sausage Sandwiches are excellent. My favorite is the lamb sausage with grilled onions and sauce. The Chili is to die for as well. The locally baked Rolls they use are a great match with the sausage . The friendly vibe is a bonus. Can’t wait to go back.

  11. After, I perchance ran into the chicken lemoncello with pepperocinis, I had to come and google them.
    I have never been so happy eating lunch in my entire life. Ranks right up there with Brenda’s French Soul food in the city.
    Excellent review and excellent sausage, and the chicken, not so fatty!
    Never had it so good!

  12. Yanni’s Sausage Grill is AMAZING. I may be biased because my husband works with Francesca and she and Johnny are like another set of parents to us; we have supported them through the whole ordeal of following their dream and could not be happier that they have finally accomplished what they have worked so hard for. Even with my bias set aide, however, the food is just sooo down-home good. All of the sausages, the chili, and the chips are home made from scratch on site at the restaurant and are original recipes. My husband and I of course went on opening day and we both had to go back in for seconds because it was so delicious (and SO wallet-friendly, it’s ridiculous!). My favorite is the lamb sausage with tzatziki; it’s basically a gyro in sausage form and it’s to die for. My husband loves the Olympic Flame; I’m not usually into hot and spicy but even I love the Flame. It’s definitely got a kick but it’s not overpowering and you never lose any of the flavor. There is nothing on the menu that isn’t fabulous, and the whole experience is made all that much better by the presence of Fran and John. They are amazing people and truly care about every single patron who walks through the door; they want more than anything for you to love every bite of the food they’re feeding you. They just opened on July 3rd and are already such a success… I’m so proud of them! Love you Franny and Johnny!

  13. Hello Heather- Although I don’t know them personally, I thought I’d give this couple kudos for following their dream (proof that dreams can come in all sized packages!). I believe their names are Fran & John Vrattos. Thanks as ever for finding the hidden jewels in this the best place on earth, Sonoma County!

    1. Glad folks are loving this spot. I was at the weird pie contest when i saw this place and made my boyfriend go in and get me one. I hope I”m not telling tales, but Miriam (from Humble Pie) is pregnant and when she saw me eating it, she was like…oh man, you’re gonna love that! I felt kind of strange eating it in her restaurant, but she told me she’d had four in the last two days. Totally addictive. Love these guys and hope we’ll see them showing up in Santa Rosa (i smell a food cart!) Maybe we can get the Street Eatz truck to sell them. 😉

  14. Went there for dinner last night with my girlfriend and her son. What a great and fun couple running this place, and they were so excited to hear about this write up, as they had only been open for 3 days. My girlfriend had the Greek Sausage with peppers, her son the Sweet Italian Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, and I had the Sweet Italian Sausage with grilled onions. ALL FANTASTIC! We also ordered the Greek salad and a bowl of Yanni’s chili, and both were incredible! They did forget our order of Yanni’s chips (we ordered them because they gave us a bag to try while we were waiting and they were GREAT!) but we will most definitely go back and we have already recommended it to our friends! We ate across the street sitting in the sun on the sidewalk, but rumor has it that a bench may be in the works . . . . . GREAT JOB!

  15. I just went in yesterday and tasted five different sausages and they were great. With no gyro rotisserie, they created a gyro link with tzatziki dipping sause. The Chicken Limoncello had wonderful hints of limoncello and the Olympic Flame was spicy but had a heat that died out in time for your next bite. I am quite impressed actually; a lot of places just blast you with heat but Yanni’s is well tempered. The Greek was excellent. Yanni told me he made that (kalamata olives and feta) because that is what a lot of us think of when we hear “Greek”. Not traditional but still excellent. The two big surprises were the chili, which is made which ever sausage Yanni decides on and on this particular day it was sweet and spicy at the same time, with the well tempered heat I spoke of. He easily could win the Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff with his chili. The other surprise was the Yanni’s chips, which are made with artisan bread and seasonings. I couldn’t stop eating them and with I had left a few for todays lunch.
    Excellent food, excellent prices, and excellent people.

      1. I’d say that’s the Lamb Gyro Sausage… basically all the gyro spices packed into one super tasty link. Super yummy with the grilled onions on top and a bunch of tzatziki! It’s my favorite!

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