Best Buns & Burgers 2010 Poll

Best Buns & Burgers 2010 Poll

Well slap my patty, has it really been four years since we did the first Best Buns in Town? Seems like maybe it’s about time for another ground beef smackdown…
BiteClub annouces the 2010 edition of Best Buns & Burgers in Wine Country….
It’s a two-step process…you vote for your favorites. Then I weigh in with my votes for the final showdown.
SO here’s step one: Your votes. I’ve listed some of my top picks for Burgers, but I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Vote for as many as you want…and add any that you’re a fan of…
UPDATED: Added 15 new contenders… 2:44pm
Stay tuned for the winners…
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110 thoughts on “Best Buns & Burgers 2010 Poll

  1. -Seeing code as poetic has the additional advantage that if it is good, we, the authors, don’t mind going back and reading it. Helps with maintenance if the code is not tortuous … even if we are the authors and maintainers … –

  2. Wow, three months sugar free is a great achievement and your breaking of the rules are all totally understandable, given they were all social situations. It is healthy to fail sometimes. You are an inspiration in terms of developing new habits and being determined.

    1. Over 60 days and counting. What happened here? Has everyone moved to a different blog and didn’t tell the rest of us? Make something up! 🙂 The winner is a VEGGIE burger! or a surprise like that…

  3. had to try ozzies after reading the comments. my girl friend and i went it is GREAT . we live in petaluma but will be back. our vote goes to the bessssst burgers at ozzies

  4. I took my family to Ozzies to check the burgers & shakes. Well I have to say that the meal was great, so much to choose from. Service is great staff is too. My vote goes to Ozzies in Santa Rosa.

  5. Looks like healdsburger votes are rigged…..gone up 150 in one day. Really? Been there before and the burgers are too charbroiled for me. tasted like a whopper at burger king. Been to Mikes and at least you can taste the meat with no charcoal flavor. My votes for Mikes.

  6. Super burger is my favorite! I love the onion rings! Although I have tried a few of these places I am more likely to go back there. It is close and convenient.

  7. Wow…Mikes got way over 300 votes in less than 3 hours last night. How rigged is this contest??? That wouldn’t even be believable if they were still as good as they used to be. Sad actually.

    1. If you like all of your food fresh and not frozen, then you need to eat at Mikes at the crossroads. They have the best burgers in the country. They also have the nicest owner and waitress you ever want to meet. There is also no way to rig this contest. You just have to be the best.

      1. it’s easy to rig a poll online. You just get a bunch of people to vote as many times as they can, resetting their cookies each time so that there’s nothing stopping you from voting repeatedly. I’m not saying that’s what has happened here… but I will say that the last time I ate at Mike’s (and it probably will be the last time), I was very disappointed. New management hasn’t been good for the quality.

  8. Ozzie’s Makes the best burgers in town the best Milkshakes and their onion rings, Well let me put it this way I have never like onion rings but I tried Ozzie’s and I love them! Go check them out In Santa Rosa. The best!

  9. $5 Burger night – Every Wednesday night 5 – 8 pm at the Henweigh Cafe. Not saying they are the “best” – that would be self promoting. Not a scaled down version either, 1/2 lb Henweigh burger. Plus, we are offering Garden Burgers, Salmon Burgers and Turkey Burgers – all just $5 each, every Wednesday night.
    /Dennis – Henweigh Cafe

  10. Heasldsburger is not only the best in town but the best in the county for sure! The girls that own it are sweet and the food is wonderful!

  11. Bacon, Mushroom Swiss has to be my favorite. Everything is fresh there not bagged or processed. Fries and onion Rings are great too. Staff are smiling and friendly. The decor is fun and keeps you busy until the food arrives which is fast. Presentation is good.makes you want to dig in and enjoy. Milkshakes are the best.

  12. For money spent and how much you enjoy their great burgers value can’t be beat. Great variety of burgers to choose from. . Customer service is good. staff is friendly and smiling.

  13. Great everything. Love the burgers and fried. Onion Rings out of this world. Milkshakes the best.

    1. Ozzies choice of burgers is great . Each time I go I try something new. The burgers and fries are the best. I also agree that the shakes are the best in town. Once you eat at Ozzies you will know what I’m talking about THE BEST.

  14. Ozzies has the best milk shakes in Sonoma Co. made the way you would make them at home. The burgers are GREAT so much food you need a doggie bay. Once you try them you’ll love Ozzies.

    1. Me ha gustado mucho la manera en la que se ha comparado los dos estilos de vida. Lo que no llego a entender es lo que se dice sobre “cuál de los dos estilos de vida prefiere adoptar”, ya que, muchas veces se es autónomo o traductor en plantilla según las circunstancias, ¿no?

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  15. If your looking for a GREAT burger for an even better price go visit Ozzies grill in Rincon Valley. The food is great as is the staff. It’s worth the drive I promise, you will leave very pleased and full!

  16. Best everything! Form the crushed ice in the soda to the had made burger pattys! I’ve tried most of the burgers and have love them all! If you’ve never been you should go! Well worth the drive across santa rosa!

  17. Ozzies in the Monticetto shopping center..Rincon valley…the freshes salids and juicy hambergers…good old home cooking..50`s car theme

  18. Tried Healdsburger this weekend based on all the positive comments. Pretty underwhelming guys, much better choices out there. Not even the best in town! Bear Republic is even better imo. I will give them props for fries. If this was “best fries” they would get my vote.
    One place that actually deserve some props is McNear’s in Petaluma. Most of the food is subpar, but the burgers is actually pretty good!

  19. I appreciate a quality burger, and get one every time at Superburger in Santa Rosa. Sure they have a cool, retro atmosphere and friendly service, but the burgers are the primary reason the place is usually packed. I’ll take a St. Helena burger followed by a nap any day!

  20. Adel’s in Santa Rosa has great burgers and fries; it’s my favorite hamburger overall in Santa Rosa.
    The burgers are big and tasty, even overflowing the bun. The accompanying fixin’s — lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and pickles — are fresh and generous in proportion. I know people smirk about Adel’s but I’ve been eating their wonderful burgers for years, the best in my humble opinion.

  21. I don’t know why everybody makes such a big deal over Mike’s.
    The burgers are fine, but the buns are terrible. That place has declined big time.

  22. IM Speechless, They’re burgers are amazing, and not to forget all organic grass fed, non antibiotic, and non hormone meats!!! Best burger in Sonoma County…

  23. Come to think of it–this poll sucks. This is what the advertising says:
    SO here’s step one: Your votes. I’ve listed some of my top picks for Burgers, but I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Vote for as many as you want…and add any that you’re a fan of
    Well I made a mistake and voted for a “yogurt” shop so when I went in to re- VOTE and list my favorite diner I get a answer that says I already voted! So much for “As many as You want!!”

  24. Well folks I have to Give our very own STAR Diner a BIG thumbs up for the best Hambugers in town. Cooked the way you like it and a variety of sizes and add ons and if you want a nice zesty taste ask for some French Dressing, either on the side or right in the middle. OH, excellent service too always with a smile.

  25. Healdsburger in Santa Rosa by far has the best burgers in town!! the freshly made fries are the best.
    Very clean restaurant& very friendly environment.Glad to have them here,give them a try!!!

  26. Every time I want a great burger (and I’m not cooking it at home), I go to Willowbrook Ale House in Petaluma. They cook it perfectly, add just what you want, let you pick the bun and out comes the best tasting burger! It doesn’t hurt that two of the nicest guys around town own the place. Yay Willowbrook!

  27. If you haven’t tried Healdsburger in Healdsburg you haven’t tried the BEST Burger!!! Wonderful food and great service

  28. SF Gate just did a best burger for the Bay Area. Rocker Oysterfellers tied for 5th best! No other Sonoma Co. places mentioned.

  29. Everyone has an opinion, but no one has mentioned the Fig Cafe. Fantastic burger with the best fries. Always consistent with great taste and crunchy bun. With a great beer what good be better.

  30. You have two votes for the Healdsburger burgers. They are the best. We have moved to Arizona and that is one of the things I miss the most.

  31. I enjoy the bison burger at Brody’s, and when coupled with the sweet potato fries, I haven’t found a more guilt / cholesterol free “burger and fries”. The turkey burgers are really good too, and it’s just a cool little place with a free jukebox and a single tv that runs ESPN all day. Buck a brew too.
    When guilt is less of an issue, Big Boys Buns & Burgers in Mark West is great. Their jumbo meal deal makes self restraint a necessity if you live or work nearby. Don’t go for the ambiance or the service if those are very important to you….though the view sitting outside facing east isn’t bad.
    I’m looking forward to trying some of the other places mentioned in this post….tis the season.

  32. Does anyone remember Rocco’s in Freestone? OMG, that little dump put out one mean burger. It was huge, and Rocco just fried it in his beautifully seasoned black iron skillet (and I usually don’t like anything but flame broiled burgers). I still cry when anyone mentions that place. I miss, miss, miss it! Glad to see all the wonderful suggestions in this poll, must give some of them a try. Thanks, Heather.

  33. I have to agree with the many voters for Joe’s. Really all of the Joe’s have a great burger. Marin, San Rafael and even Westlake in Daly City. Wood BBQ, fresh ground beef, tiny little onion pressed into it before it hits coals on a fresh baked chunk of sourdough bread. What could be better? My hardest decision is always whether order skinny fries or steak fries.
    I do have to mention my favorite burger place, but it is not in the Wine Country. Broken Record in San Francisco on Geneva and Naples in the Excelsior. Great burger made of fresh ground beef with bacon ground right into the burger, cheese melted right on the flat top, red onion and tomatoes (only when in season) then lovingly placed into a locally baked toasted bun. OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this burger. So next time you are in the City on your way to the Cow Palace, please come and try this burger. They also have a great whiskey selection and PBR on tap!

  34. Hambuger’s at Fremont Diner in Sonoma are sublime! And so is everything else there. Worth a drive that direction. Check it out!

  35. HEALDSBURGER: The best fresh beef and fresh cut french fries!! YUM!! …Also the best kept secret in Sonoma COunty.

  36. FYI ~ Houston works at Burger King (have it your way) and buys his frozen patty meat at Costco. Oh yeah, and his “pedigree” comes from a can . . . . . Waygu that!

  37. Without a doubt, Marin Joe’s in Corte Madera! I’ve been going there for MANY years…(never mind how many!), and have never been disappointed. It’s a bit of a drive but well worth it…

  38. Peter Lowell’s in Sebastopol has the best burger around. Grass fed lamb burger on a bun baked fresh on site in their wood oven, aoli ketchup, fontina cheeseand perfectly carmalized onions – the thing is freakin perfect. Its the only burger I don’t need to add extras too (more ketchup, mayo, whatever) or customize my order – perfect as it comes. Who would have thought the best burger and best BBQ (BBQ Smokehouse and Catering) I’ve had in Sonoma County would both be found in Sebastopol.

    1. smoked chicken wings reheated in the frickin microwave until they turned to rubber…. over smoked beef and over priced/over rated menu… NO THANK YOU!

  39. My vote is for Dierk’s Parkside Cafe on Santa Rosa Ave. Great burger, cooked just the way it’s ordered. I get the Gomma Burger, med. rare, grilled onions, no salt on the fries and always delicious. Best fries as well. The wait staff are very friendly and professional. The quality of the food is always excellent. I go there with friends from the office on a regular basis and we like how the waitresses remembers how we like our burgers. A must try, if you haven’t been there.

  40. A second vote for Russian River Pub in Forestville for best burger and onion rings. Their wings are the best as well. Check it out.

    1. Flavor or Flavors, it matters not. They wouldn’t let us sit with our dog outside on their patio and didn’t tell us why, wouldn’t even come outside. to speak with us.
      I sent them an email, i wrote them a letter and no reply. We went right over to La Vera where they were quite happy to serve us with our sweet little pooch by our table. So who cares about thier burgers if they don’t care about customer service.

      1. They may not have told you but I am sure if you wanted your pooch at your table inside their seating area, the health department would likely have had an issue. And perhaps you may like having your pooch at your table but if I were sitting at a table next to you, I would not have preferred that.
        I am a dog person and my dog is one of the best behaved dogs, but I would never take him to a restaurant. I usually leave him at home. Perhaps that may be a better option for all involved.

  41. If you want a nice fat burger with BBQ sauce and onion ring toppers, try the Cowboy Burger at Gary’s at the Belvedere! Delish!

  42. Jacksons uses superior meat ,makes their own buns and mustard and they just taste the best steve

  43. Russian River Pub makes a killer classic burger. The place looks like a dive but the Burgers are very good and the onion rings rock. It is off of River road, you have probably passed it a hundred times on your way to the beach. It had a spot on Dives, Dinners and Drive Inns…it didn’t disapoint.

  44. Hey Heather,
    I see a lot of votes for some places with questionable burgers. Just as Dempsey’s always wins the best burger in Petaluma, even though it isn’t close to being the best, I think these things often become a popularity contest. Plus, there are a lot of people who whose burger meter tops out relatively low on the burger flavor scale and so they are bad gauges of what makes a “great” burger. Sure, we all have our own tastes but if I put a Fremont Burger in front of most of the people who voted for Superburger they would agree it was better, even though Superburger is good enough for them to not wander off and try other burgers.
    My advice, as someone who tries burgers where ever he goes (I once tried 7 bacon cheese burgers in a 36 hour window) I hope that you take the voting with a grain of salt. True burger tasting involves tasting the meat by itself first. If the meat can not be eaten as its own meal then the foundation for the rest of the burger is weak. You put enough sugar on s**t and you can make anything taste good so piling on toppings and sauces is just a way to fake a “good” burger. This applies double for people who taste their burgers any more well done than medium rare. If one eats medium, medium-well, or well-done burgers, than they aren’t really even tasting the meat…which means they aren’t really into burgers, they are into toppings. I am constantly surprised at how many chefs and servers don’t know what cut of meat they are using or where it comes from. They also spend too little time seasoning the meat, which can make a huge difference. And don’t be fooled by the ever popular “ranch” designation on the menu. It used to mean something when you saw “Niman Ranch” in the description but that was when all the meat came from Niman Ranch. It now comes from any farm that is certified by Niman Ranch and the quality has gone way down. Unfortunately, a lot of chefs think that if they serve Niman Ranch burgers they don’t need to do anything else and that simply isn’t the case. Most ground beef, unless ground from a steak on site, needs at least a little bit of seasoning. I have even seen “Harris Ranch” on a menu, which tells me that restaurant has no clue about ground beef since Harris Ranch is like saying it is from Safeway. Those types of places are just making a burger as an after thought. If you see “grass feed” be impressed and definitely try the burger. “Angus” is another term we see a lot these days. Although a slightly better meat it is nothing special and don’t mean squat if the chef doesn’t cook it right. Because of all this, I am suspicious when the menu touts things like the ranch and/or the type of cow. If your burger is good it will stand out; it doesn’t need any fancy titles or descriptions. The only exception is Waygu, which is the proper term for the type of cow often called “Kobi.” Kobi, like champagne, simply denotes the region and not the variatal. There is no such thing as American Kobe, since there is no Kobe region in the U.S. to grow Waygu in. Waygu meat rates so high on the marbling scale that nothing else compares. Scottish Highland cows come the closest but they still aren’t half as tasty as Waygu. Don’t get me wrong, you can still ruin Waygu if cooked improperly, but if a chef is going to the effort of offering Waygu, he is putting pride into his burgers. If you haven’t had one, try the burger at the Auburn Brewing Company.
    I accept that there are different styles of burgers but I usually boil them down to two categories; fancy and diner. Lombardi’s in Petaluma makes a killer, fresh off the grill burger, but it shouldn’t compete head to head with Fremont Diner’s burger. They are two different breeds, but Lombardi’s is still solid, with great tasting meat but it is more of a diner style burger that wouldn’t be served at a fancy restaurant.
    …looks like it might be time for me to launch my site,
    Good luck with your search for the best burger. If you need any help tasting please feel free to contact me. If your list is too big or you need someone to give you input on South County burgers, I would be more than happy to hit a bunch of burgers place, even in a single day, and give you my feedback if that helps. When I taste burgers I am quite particular and have a strict process so as to make sure I am not being swayed by sauces or plating, although those do play into the ambiance score I give a place. Heck, I even take part of the burgers home so that I can taste them both cold and heated up the next day. A truly good burger has to stand those tests too.

    1. Houston, have you been that annoying “know it all” your whole life? You’re that guy that when I tell you about my great Hawaiian vacation you interrupt what I am saying to tell the rest of the crowd how much better your vacation in Bali Bali was. Everyone hates a topper 🙂 Wagyu beef in California is only available in frozen pre-made patties or frozen chubs. I like Wagyu just the same, but if you are going to be that burger expert then maybe you should admit to not knowing that you have been eating frozen meat. Also, the burger is not about the meat only. It is the beautiful combination of textures and flavors in endless combos that makes the whole thing a very sublime subjective experience. If it was a simple as just the meat then everyone would be buying “Marin Sun” grass fed or Humboldt Coast grass fed. But it’s not, that would be too easy now wouldn’t it?

      1. Yes and no. Depending on the topic, I can end up knowing quite a bit. In a previous career I was a research analyst so when I am passionate about something I like to learn all I can.
        First of all, you are wrong. You can get fresh Waygu, but you have to know where to go for it. There is a local rancher who grows and sells it. Besides, I never claimed that there was anything wrong with frozen patties or that the burger patty alone was all that made a good burger. I have actually create some pretty spectacular burgers with Costco’s frozen patties, but I can’t rely on the patty making the burger in those cases. What I said was that to have a truly spectacular burger you need to start with a good foundation. The package is definitely a factor and if you look at my in depth burger reviews on yelp you will see that I give creedance to the whole package as well as the patty. Beyond the Glory, although not using as good of meat as Flamez, serves a better total package.
        Most restaurants make a burger as an after thought. And when it doesn’t taste all the good they add toppings to try to make up for their lack luster pattie. I am not saying that the meat alone does it and in fact stated that seasoning is often a key part of making a good burger. One of my best burgers is a Thai Satay burger which has tons of spices and toppings but if I started with anything less than good burger meat I certainly wouldn’t try to claim it was a great burger. And I like regular dinner burgers as well if that is what I am going for. One of my favorites is Jim-Deny’s in Sacto. It is just a diner burger but the staff, the experience, and the package make it a burger that I rarely pass up.
        You are right, it is subjective, but only to a certain point. I can send you to some terrible burger places that some locals would claim is “the best.” It is their local dive so they want to support them but that doesn’t make the burger “the best.” When I have blind taste tested them against other burgers theirs never wins out. Bad burger meat leads to a less than great burger, no matter how much bacon and bbq sauce you put on it.
        And I disagree about the Marin Sun and Humboldt Coast grass feed beef. Most burger places would go down in flames if they went up against a plain old paddie from either of those places. The meat is far superior so not much else needs to be done. It actually is that easy, but like I said, most places are cooking a burger as an after thought, although Heather has compiled a great list of places that are clearly shooting for burger excellence. By the way, other than a Wagyu burger, one of the best fancy burgers I have ever had is from Fremont Diner, who use Marin Sun grass fed beef. And as far as my comment about Superburger, I didn’t realize there was also one in Santa Rosa. I have only eaten at the penngrove one after being told how great they were and all four of our burgers were mediocre at best.
        And my main complaint about the “pedigree” is that it is misleading to the public and often shows that a place is making a burger, as mentioned above, as an afterthought.
        You do it your way and I will do it mine.

    2. I myself prefer to go back to the kitchen, taste the beef in its uncooked state (a la tartare), examine the animal’s pedigree, read the qualifications of the rancher who raised the animal, study the particular terroir of the field (grasses, flowers, amount of sunshine), interpret the astrological underpinnings of the all involved, and then finally taste the assembled burger (once it has been cooked to an internal temperature of EXACTLY 121.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Then, and only then, will I announce my verdict (actually I write it in a secret diary to be published 150 years after my death). Needless to say (but I will anyway), I am the ONLY person qualified to pass judgment on a burger. All of this, I assure you, is necessary to preserve our way of life as it is the hamburger which is the linchpin of civilization (sorry Plato, you should’ve flipped a few patties). You may now close down the poll so as to no longer mislead (and thereby bring harm to) the many unfortunate readers who might feel that THEY are otherwise qualified to weigh in on such a profound topic. I now stand down form my soap box (but I’m taking it with me).

        1. C’mon Heather, that post was just ASKING for a response. I can appreciate geeking out on food, but it is so often taken to the point of fetish, and when it does it is need of a little injection of humor to keep ourselves from taking these things too seriously. It was a little good-natured ribbing to take things down a notch.

          1. Agreed. Which is why I’ve asked Houston to help me with the contest. I think his fetishistic take on burgers could be amusing. 🙂

      1. Wow, this is pretty much the best post on the internet. I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants and then I saluted you (nay, bowed). Thank you, Hamburglar, whoever you are, that was beautiful!
        That said, I am still a big fan of Mike’s at the Cotati crossroads. I’m surprised they haven’t shown up here so far. There is something about that burger, like maybe a real fine grind with really good seasoning, that makes it oh so delicious and moist. (Dry burgers are the worst!) I also had a pretty good burger at Boon, in Guerneville last weekend, though their space leaves something to be desired. I’m also feeling some solidarity with the unimpressed Carmen’s customers, thanks for the vindication. And finally, to be completely honest, I’m really looking forward to the new In N Out coming to Santa Rosa, heh.

      1. I will for sure; thanks for your interest.
        And to everyone else…yes, that was a bit of a rant but do love me some good burgers. Luckily, nobody laughs at me half as much as I laugh at myself so I am glad to be part of the discussion. I am honored that Heather has asked me to help her and look forward to doing my part…although my cardiologist might say otherwise.

  45. Agree that Carmen’s is overrated. Tried to get a salad and it was majorly weak.
    Flavor is very solid Burger and Fries, and love the ambiance of the old-school Superburger in Santa Rosa. Underwood has the ultimate swanky scene with delicious burger and uniquly frites. I miss Heavenly Hamburger in Bennett Valley, and Broiler Burger had it’s place in the 80’s too. Best fast-food style burger? Love the peppery Fatburger. Ausiello’s 5th Street makes a great bacon cheeseburger with thick fries, but I voted for Mike’s at the Crossroads #1. Absolutely delicious, and the best non-grilled Buger I’ve ever had.

  46. Carmen’s is simply terrible. Cheap meat, crappy bread, rotten fries, and overpriced everything else. Superburger is far superior and just blocks away. The only reason people dig Carmen’s is the fact that parents can take their bratty kids and have a cocktail to escape while in a “family environment.”

  47. Le Garage, at the Schoonmaker Point Marina in Sausalito serves a truly wonderful Kobe beef burger in a relaxed setting with plenty of outdoor seats. On the bay, among the boats, and no tourists !

  48. It’s not Hamburger Ranch and SPAGHETTI Farm – It’s Hamburger Ranch and PASTA Farm – same thing only different!! Either way, it’s dang good!!

    1. Carmen’s does have the worst service. Way slow and the food is over priced. I stopped going there about 2 years ago after going there 3 times and experiencing the same issues.

  49. Healdsburger has the tastiest burgers, made from fresh meat, juicy and loaded with good stuff and the french fries are made from potatoes cut right before frying. No frozen here. Real food rules.

    1. Carol,
      Is Healdsburg a restaurant or are you saying any restaurant in Healdsburg serves the best burgers/????? A little help here with some more specifics regarding your recommedation if you please…..

  50. Just opened this week. great Portobella burger, great philly steacks. Bison, Beef, and Emu burgers. Big but not overwelming. Sebastopol’s Brown Street island grill, beer and place to sit out side

  51. Skips’ Bar & Grill in Graton (now Underwood’s) had the best burgers I ever tasted- big, juicy and extremely tasty!!! Don’t know if Underwood’s is serving them or if they kept the recipe…..

  52. Just opened this week. great Portobella burger, great philly steacks. Bison, Beef, and Emu burgers. Big but not overwelming. Sebastopol’s Brown Street island grill, beer and place to sit out side

  53. Burgers My Way in Hopland. This little place has the best burgers and breakfast burritos ever. Always a good meal. I stop everytime I pass through. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

  54. I don’t care for Carmen’s burgers. Used to go there and went back after a while. Service was not friendly, food was so-so and expensive. I won’t go back.

  55. There is the tiniest spot in Sausalito right in the center of town. Blink and you will miss it. But, follow your nose and you’ll find it. It’s so tiny it’s barely wider than a regular sized glass business sized door. But, they’re grilling the burgers right in the window and the aroma wafting out the door draws long lines of folks. We go as often as we can and were just there the other day. Burger is hand patted, not frozen and is an inch thick. Juicy and flavorful, on the bun it towers so high it’s hard to open my mouth wide enough to take a bite. Just under $7. Watch for the green awning with “Hamburgers” written on it across from the town square, and its a few doors north from Burlwood gallery.

    1. HAMBURGER is the name of that joint. DELICIOUS and inexpensive! a must go to place for sure.

  56. Skips’ Bar & Grill in Graton (now Underwood’s) had the best burgers I ever tasted- big, juicy and extremely tasty!!! Don’t know if Underwood’s is serving them or if they kept the recipe…..

  57. For Turkey Burgers, there is no place better than Brody’s. And their sweet potato fries are TO DIE FOR! AND they have BEER! Love them!


  58. I don’t care for Carmen’s burgers. Used to go there and went back after a while. Service was not friendly, food was so-so and expensive. I won’t go back.

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