Windsor: Whirlwind of closures, openings

DePaoli's, David's Hot Dogs, Truc Linh close while Moxie's Yogurt and Namaste open


Moxie's Yogurt

Pizzeria DePaoli says farewell: Longtime town green pizzeria DePaoli’s plans to shutter March 15, 2011. According to an email sent to patrons from owner Fred Langley, who also also owned the former Langley’s on th Green, the difficult decision to close came after unsuccessful attempts to renegotiate their lease. Efforts to operate under a more viable scenario were unfruitful, he said in the letter. “I am thankful for all of your support over the years and want nothing more than the best for our community,” he added.

Truc Linh replaced by Namaste: Vietnamese restaurant Truc Linh, also on the Town Green shuttered at the end of January. Namaste Indian and Himalayan restaurant has opened in it’s space. BiteClubber Dena gives thumbs up on her first visit.

Also recently opened, Moxie’s Yogurt. More than just your average fro-yo shop, this is dessert with some tasty local cred. Owners Angie Boudro and Melissa Jinks want you to try taste combinations like Wine Country Cheesecake with local pomegranate balsamic vinegar or farm fresh tart with Handmade Pantry (you can find them at the farmer’s markets) granola. That’s not to say you won’t find Reeses Pieces, gummy worms and cookie dough, too. But along with all the usual suspects are nice surprises like lemon curd, fresh fruit (not the canned or defrosted stuff), chewy mochi bits and agave syrup. Classy. It’s all self-serve, so you can mix and match to you’re heart’s content, which you will undoubtedly do. Just don’t forget the cherry on top. 8930 Brooks Road South, Windsor.


20 thoughts on “Windsor: Whirlwind of closures, openings

  1. It is no surprise that Di Paoli closed. Everything was sub par. We always support the local places, as long as the money is well spent. Good service, great food, and a clean place is all that’s required. Ume, KC’S, and Omelette Express seem to be doing great. Windsor really needs A GREAT BAGEL SHOP!

  2. Sorry to say it but SoCo and DePaoli’s were just not that great. I have to agree that if your food is up to par then you wont be hurt by Lemmy’s or Craplebees, the economy just won’t allow an ok restaurant to survive against dirt cheap food. Look at Omlette Express- they are doing great because they have good food. Have to say that Namaste is AMAZING! My new favorite in Windsor.

  3. I’m sorry to be insensitive, but it’s easy to blame the closure of a restaurant on a chain that happened to open up nearby. If your food is top notch and service is good then places like Denny’s won’t be a threat. Personally, I seek out places that ARE independent but more often than not come away disappointed by the price, service and food. If you’re going to serve meals that are on the same level as a chain, then why WOULD someone pay more to go to your place?

    Again, this isn’t aimed at any of the closures listed above. Just a general point. The restaurants that have been around 20 years have nothing to worry about because their formula is right. It seems like blaming a Denny’s or McDonald’s for the closure of a mom n’ pop place is not only telling of the quality of food the place offered, but an easy scapegoat.

  4. Although it’s not in you article the headline said that David’s Hot Dogs also closed. Too bad he had really good Chicago hot dogs and he made a pretty decent egg cream as well. It was a nice, inexpensive and friendly place to eat.

  5. Although it’s not in you article the headline said that David’s Hot Dogs also closed. Too bad he had really good Chicago hot dogs and he made a pretty decent egg cream as well. It was a nice, inexpensive and friendly place to eat.

  6. Thanks Eric, we miss cooking you those pancakes. It was the best 2 1/2 years we had serving the people of Windsor. We made many good friends. The combination of Denny’s opening and a Landlord that wouldn’t negotiate led us to our closure. Life goes on though, we learned some valuable lessons.

        1. @ SoCo Fan Sorry, we can’t come back but thank you for your support. We miss you all. If we ever open again we will let you know.

  7. Serice at DePaoil’s was often slow. Young staff without adequate supervision. Pizza slice lunch was a great idea. Food was OK.

    Truc Ling probably hurt by success of Tomi Thai. Service and food at Tomi Thai is wonderful.

    No question Denny’s caused SOCO Cafe to close.

    The DePaoli site would be ideal for a good Italian restaurant.

  8. SoCo cafe also closed it’s doors. Their pancakes will be missed. Thanks Denny’s. Truc Linh had good food, but bad service. Same goes for DaPaoli’s. Namaste is a welcome option for Windsor though, as Indian or Himalayan food is non existent once you get north of Santa Rosa.

  9. .We have been customers of Namaste in Petaluma for a while. They put out truly delicious fare. Glad to see they are closer. Good luck to them.

    1. Just talked with the owner of Namaste in Petaluma, this restaurant is not affiliated with his. He had not heard of this development. A bit misleading to use the same name. Any comments from the Windsor owner?

  10. Unfortunately only chain-like restaurants will survive on the Windsor Town Green. It is perfectly set up for that, with a false facade and Disney ambiance. The bedroom community of Windsor tends to supports these sort of places. Truc Linh was good but Langley failed hard.

  11. Sorry but Truc Ling had to go it’s quality went down hill a couple years ago. But hate to see the Pizzeria closed it’s door. We liked Langley on green though it was pricey. BistroM took it’s place and doing a good job.

  12. That’s sad about Pizzeria DePaoli. They had such a good lunch deal and their pizza was really good. Too bad.

  13. I hope the ladies at Moxie’s Yogurt don’t have to deal with Kimco Corp. Watch out for that huge reconciliation bill that will be coming in the mail soon, and the real estate reconciliation bill that will come as well. That is the stuff that put us out of business. You need deep pockets to deal with Kimco.

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