The Bacon Hall of Fame Top 5

The (Image via Hall of Fame. I should stop right there, really. But if you caught Monday’s missive, then you already know how excited I am about the upcoming festivities at COCHON555, the concert tour for cooks and farmers and roving celebration of all things good and just about the noble swine, so hopefully you’ll bear with me for one more post.

That being said, nobody needs to hear me bang the table all over again about how much I love bacon – I mean, really, who doesn’t – so I thought I’d take a different tack and offer up my Top 5 Predictions for Sunday’s big hoo-ha, and invite you to do the same:

The PK Top 5 Predictions for COCHON555

1. There will be more tattoos than pigs at the chefs’ stations.

2. There will be bacon. Lots, and lots, of bacon.

This Mexican Restaurant in Santa Rosa serves up authentic dishes and drinks.

3. Not all diners will appreciate whole-hog butchery.

Jute Rug. (Image via Stacks and Stacks)

4. There will be at least one beautiful vegetable. But probably not many more than one.

These wines are so good they should all deserve a spot on the podium.

5. John and Duskie of Zazu, the sole Sonoma chefs in the competition, will represent their County big-time, and walk away with porcine gold.

Neutral Rug. (Image via Design Meets Style)

Who else will I see on Sunday? And what do you think will happen?!

[All photos courtesy of COCHON555]