Win Restaurant Week Gift Certificates

Want a V-day do-over? Win a restaurant gift certificate to try again.

Did you bomb Valentines? Here’s your chance for a do-over…and a gift certificate for Restaurant Week!

Maybe the love bug infected you with a nasty virus instead of romantic gestures of adoration?  Or perhaps Cupid’s aim was off? Maybe you’re just not a natural Romeo (or Juliet).

Whatever happened, your Valentine’s Day was more of a downward spiral than a trip to Paradise.

Give me your sob of a V-Day FAIL and what a perfect date would have looked like instead. I’ll award one gift certificate to a Restaurant Week participant Tuesday-Thursday. (You can use the gift certificate whenever you’d like).

Tuesday’s Winner: Olive and Vine, Sonoma $25
Wednesday’s Winner: Forchetta/Bastoni, Sebastopol, $25
Thursday’s Winner: Agriculture Bar & Kitchen, Guerneville, $50
Friday’s Winner: Jackson’s Bar & Oven, Santa Rosa, $25

Want to find out where else you can go during Sonoma County’s Restaurant Week (Feb. 27-March4) Click here.

Fine print: You are welcome to request a specific gift certificate in your post, but winners are going to get what they get. Because hey, it’s a contest and you’re getting something for nothin. If you don’t win, please don’t whine about it. That is really irritating. Here are the complete rules.