Win A Spot at the Fair Food Scramble 2016

Sonoma County Fair Food Scramble is on.

Sonoma County Fair 2013 food
Sonoma County Fair 2013 food

Contest closed for the year.
I wish i could pick you all, but sadly, i can’t.
please try again next year.

Sheesh, how did it get to be Sonoma County Fair time again?

Well, I’m way behind the 8-ball so to speak, so I need to pick my Scramblers ASAP for FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016!

You know the drill by now…it’s the Fair Food Scramble Contest in which BiteClub takes six lucky winners (consider yourself a sort of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, etc.) to the Sonoma County Fair, scramble for all the delicious goodness that our midway can offer.


Best Scramble Team Ever! The Sonoma County Fair Food Scramblers 2015
Best Scramble Team Ever! The Sonoma County Fair Food Scramblers 2015

From Pasta King to turkey legs, corn dogs, barbecue and beyond, we’ll snatch up whatever goodies we can find, bring it all back to our special reserve tables and feast like the true epicures we really are. (You should see the looks of wanton jealousy we attract.

Check out the results from last year.

So how do you get to participate?

I’m gonna make it easy this year. Just tell me why I should pick you in the comments below. I’ll choose ONE veteran, but the other 5 need to be Scramble newcomers. The only requirements are that you are fairly mobile (this is a scramble, so you gotta be fast), love to eat fair food, and have a strong stomach for all the stuff we’ll be cramming down our throats.

I’ll make my decision by 10a.m. Thursday morning and contact the winners by 3p.m. Thursday afternoon.

If chosen, you’ll get the details on our funtabulous food fest, but make sure you can be available from 3p.m. to 5p.m. on Friday if you decide to throw your hat in the ring and PLEASE include good email address that you check frequently. Full rules here.



55 thoughts on “Win A Spot at the Fair Food Scramble 2016

  1. Hi Heather I will keep this short and sweet…
    I have the confidence to eat anything like Andrew Zimmern, the skill to articulate my experiences like Anthony Bourdain and the charisma to make friends with anybody just like our local friend Guy Fieri…

  2. I believe I would make a good person for this event. I worked in a deli when I was a teenager. I also was mentored by Tony Pope, the executive chef at the Los Angeles Turf Club at Santa Anita Race Track. I am a bonafide food freak that will try anything once. I once ate a Manuel special from El Tepyak in East Los Angeles in 25 minutes earning the name of garbage gut from my co-workers. I also earned the most unflattering nickname from by scout master Clay Lampman as stoverat for hanging around the stove till no more food was available. I am ready to devour anything in any amount and combination.

  3. Hello, I’m Adrian. It would be awesome to be selected to be part of this gastronomical hit squad! I’m a local foodie, and I always look forward to each year of the fair, and all of the tasty goodies! I’ve seen a lot come and go over the decades, and I can’t wait to see what’s there this year.

  4. I have eaten at almost every restaurant from SF to Eureka. From Sushi to Subway, from Cattleman’s to Coco’s. I eat lunch in a different city every weekday. I know food (like quality, love quantity).
    At Subway I set the record for a points card (>1000). At Sizzler I set the record for shrimp. As friends know, when you eat with me you pay the Paul tax – before you start you give me 9.5% of the food on your plate.
    I am mobile, always hungry and know my way around the fair’s food venue. I am to the Fair Food Scramble as Draymond was to the Warriors.
    Upon completion of the Fair Food Scramble I’ll proceed over to the midway to perform an inaugural FFS ringing of the bell ceremony.
    References available on request, provided time permits.
    Some call me Paul Bunyan.

  5. Pick me, pick me, pick me! I promise to be there by three. I love the fair, but hate to share, but I’ll do it for Heather you’ll see! Cotton candied corn dogs handy blue popcorn is all the norm, green spaghetti, pink pepto ready Ill just wait to hear in the morn…ing. Seriously tho, Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the original) is my favorite movie, this could be the closest thing to me ever getting a golden ticket!

  6. I love to eat. I am 15 and eat everything but fish. I cost a fortune to feed so I hope you can afford me. I am fast, sneaky and am young enough to have a pretty strong stomach.

  7. I would LOVE to be a part of this! I’ve been going to the Santa Rosa Fair since I was a little girl. This fair is the only one I LOVE to attend. Brings back so many memories, and Ive shared them with my children throughout the years. Im 44 and the memories are everlasting. Pick me!!

  8. Participating in the food scramble would be such fun! I would love the opportunity to show that small women can chow down fair food with the best of them. What I lack in size, I make up for with a big appetite, being quick on my feet and providing a non-biased opinion of all things wonderful about fair food.

  9. you must experience this scramble at least once in your lifetime. i was picked yrs. back and was a blast. after tasting tons of fair food, savory sweet savory again, my palate got tired and confused. So im glad one veteran and mostly newbies this time. Good luck to all and oh love those lobster corn dog are da Best!

  10. I would love to be picked because I love fair food and I know how to snake through a crowd like the best of them. I can eat a lot and being a scrambler is honestly the only way I’ll be eating the delicious fair food this year. Oh and the best part I’m just great company so I’ll bring smiles to the whole group.

  11. This sounds super fun! If I was picked I would give my spot to my husband who would love the opportunity. He is an adventurous eater and a big kid at heart!

  12. So I just learned about the Food Scramble… WOW what a cool event!!! I believe I would make a great choice for several reasons. One, I bring diversity, seeing how I am Latino and traveled across the world dining on all sorts of food. Secondly, I also have a huge appetite and could easily mow down any and all food that comes across my table. Moreover, I recently finished the 3-item and 2-sides dish at Sauced in Petaluma. The waiter mentioned that he has never seen anyone finish the entire meal. Last but not least, I weigh less than 145 pounds and consider myself an active guy, considering I bike, run and walk heavily. I won’t let you down!!! PLEASE select me =]

  13. Hi Heather! Pick me! Pick me!

    I’ve been reading your blog for years because it’s one of the best reasons to read the PD, and I’ve never once submitting a mean, racist, or typo-related comment. (That must prize-worthy!) I love food and drink and would do my part to stuff and run.

  14. I live for the day each year when I can stuff myself on Fair Food. To be chosen as a participant in this years sampling of gastronomy would truly be an honor. I would love the challenge of tasting and eating and running around the fair. I am your man.

  15. Pick Me! I have followed this for a long time. As a long time foodie, I’ve tried them all – this is my ultimate last frontier in the culinary world! Almost 83, I have knowledge about and a sense of humor about the “oddities” , I am alert, quick on my feet and ready, willing and able to try something new!

  16. Aw, it’s been a dream of mine to join in on this event every year! I long for a good excuse to sample as much of the tasty offerings as possible. But alas, I always attend with my daughter who doesn’t care about food at all and can’t be bothered to tag along with mommy as she gorges on every morsel she encounters. To band together with fellow food appreciators would bring me great joy.

  17. I’ll be honest…I’m a health food nut. I love tasty and healthy foods…and I’m a great cook. I should have my own restaurant…So why would I put myself through eating a smorgasbord of fair food? Only because it would be a blast! I’ll give you all the reasons to love the food and all the reasons not to, with a fun spin. You won’t be disappointed. Just in case there isn’t any served, I’ll bring my own kale to add to the fries…

  18. Growing up as a kid I always wanted to have my birthday at the fair to stuff my face and ride all the rides I wasn’t afraid to get on, but I never got lucky enough. Now that I’m older I haven’t been to the fair in the past 4 years and my inner child still hopes every year the fair goes on just long enough to reach my birthday lol. But I’m looking forward to finally going to the fair and enjoying all the great delicious food and hop on all the rides. I’d love it if you picked me an gave me a ride down memory lane. ?

  19. I consider myself a total foodie and go to the fair mainly for the food I only get a chance to eat once a year. I also consider myself an absolute food snob and have very strong opinions in regards to how it’s prepared, presentation, taste and how messy it can or cannot be. Being able to try every thing there would be absolutely AMAZING!!! Giving my honest opinion about it would also be pretty awesome as well. Pick me, pick me!!!

  20. I am one lean mean munching machine! There are 3 things that people never assume about me 1) That with a name like ‘masamitsu’ I would have red hair and blue eyes 2) that 5ft 5 little old me could ever put down any substantial amount of food and 3) how much I dream about going to the fair every year.
    As the mother of 5 children I am not only trained in the art of speed eating I am well versed in the necessity of a varied diet. Turkey drumsticks, funnel cake, mini doughnuts and pasta king hit all the major food groups as far as I’m concerned. Also, being picked would mean eating a meal with adults and for me, that’s almost as good as hitting the lottery.

  21. I’m 300 pounds and ashamed to be super fat. Please stop encouraging people who can’t think for themselves to stuff their faces. Write an article about losing weight at the County Fair instead!

    1. Then stop being “ashamed to be super fat” and do something about it! And as Heather says, “Um. It’s the fair.”

  22. I have gone to the Sonoma County Fair since 1977.
    The fair food is always great fun to eat!! And I like to eat!!
    I would love to taste all of this years food.
    My child is starting to cook and I thought this would be a fun event for him and I.
    Bon appetit!

  23. Please pick me Heather! I keep trying to be one of the lucky few that get to eat all that yummy fair food. Honestly, the food really is the only reason to go to the fair. Deep fried twinkle, bring it on! Krispy Creme burger? Ate 2 of those one fair season. The more fried & freaky the better!!!

  24. If I am not selected for the Food Scramble I will be forced to attend the fair with my (lovely, yet reasonable) husband — effectively limiting my Fair Food Intake to only three selections. Because he does not have a separate dessert stomach (like I do) only one of these three selections can be sweet. This will inflict great despondency as I attempt to choose between deep-fried chocolate-covered cheesecake and strawberry-topped powder-sugared funnel cake. Upon making my decision, I will be exposed to more grief as it dawns on me that not only was I limited to one selection, but that I will have to split it as well! My life is likely to then fall into disarray with my only glimmer of hope being the thought getting selected for the Food Scramble in 2017. Please let this be my year! 🙂

  25. Well first of all I LOVE TO EAT! Second I go to the fair every year with one thing in mind ….EAT EAT EAT and drink. I’m a local Sonoma county resident I have ties to the local food scene .love to cook but most of all Love To Eat. If im selected I will give it my all and stuff my face like no body has ever seen. I’m agile and fast on my feet and even faster on my hands(going into my mouth! I promise to give 120% and critique the S&%$ out of whatever is on the list! I live for fair food in all its gut busting greasy carb and sugar filled goodness MMMMMMmarrrrghhhh Fair food!!!! Bring on the grease!!!!!:)

  26. I’m married to a health-food conscious vegetarian, so I really need to take advantage of such diverse quality fast food offers when they come along (and she encouraged me to go for it [must be the life insurance policy]).

  27. My first job growing up in SF was at Playland at the Beach, where I ate more than my way of Pronto Pup Corn dogs(the originals) It”s Its (they made them there and enchiladas from the Hot House.I was cooking in a restaurant at 16 and did so for another 15 years.I love all the savory stuff at fairs, but must admit I have never tried the likes of deep fried candy bars, funnel cakes, or any of the other crazy stuff.I did not get to the high 200lb. mark by being afraid of what you can put in front of me however.I will rock your challenge and wager I will win it. Scott

  28. Pick me, pick me! O.K., here’s why:

    1) I’m an old hand at getting around the fair, having first snuck in in 1972, by barreling down the street leading to the back entrance on my Schwinn one-speed; ditching my bike behind a trailer and getting in line for a free clo’s cone four times.

    2) I’ve logged 100,000 miles on the local roads, cycling, and promise not to blame even one 1/2 pound on Bite Club if I down a corn dog, Pasta King pesto, and those gooey, puffy, sugary cinabons and 1/2 of every plate I can get at Mexican village. In fact, I used to ride with the guy known as the “Cave Man” due to the fact that he took a turkey drumstick on a long distance ride, tucked into his jersey. “Shake a leg!”

    3) I worked at the fair one year in the 80s, selling karate lessons for a vendor in the commercial hall; and had to listen to “Enter the Dragon” about 100 times while smelling the CinaBons next door, and didn’t have the spare change to eat one every day. Plus, every kid who told me his uncle could take me got only a smile in return along with a requisite, “but he may be too busy to help you, and we will.”

    4) I can eat forty eggs faster than a yellow lab, and you won’t regret sitting by me later.

    5) I’ll bring a six pack of diet Pepsi if the fair doesn’t have any; meaning Redwood pays attention!

    1. P.S. I had to look up Amuse-bouche to properly spell it here, but already knew it’s an Its It.

  29. I love, love, love food but especially fair food! It’s the one time you can truly indulge!!! I appreciate when you and your fellow foodies do the research for the fairgoers so we can eat the delicious calories not the wasteful ones 🙂 I would love to be part of the team this year and could bring my 8 year old for a kids perspective 😉

  30. Food Scramble:

    I would love to participate! I love all fair foods and will give a great and honest opinion on all of the food! I am a quick eater and drinker and can eat anything from Sushi to over cooked. Also my taste buds love everything from sweet all the way up to super spicy.

  31. My love of food comes from my mother, who taught me that good food is not necessarily good for you, but so what? You only live once, you might as well enjoy it. I bring decades of eating experience to the table–from mom’s home cooked fried chicken and mashed potatoes, to some of the finest dining the Bay Area has to offer, and everything in between. As a result, I have a very discerning palate, and am passionate when it comes to praising (or complaining) about the quality of food. It would be an honor and a pleasure to take part in this year’s Scramble. Thank you for your consideration.

  32. I would like to be a part of the team because I am a bonafide foodie, am quick on my feet, and have an insatiable desire and appetite for fair food.

  33. S.I.B.O., IBS, Diverticulosis, gallstones, chronic pain, and you want me to eat Fair Food? Sorry Heather, please pass( pun intended ) me and give it to someone who can stomach it all, not that it won’t be delicious . . .

  34. Would love to do some scramblin’. I’ve played music , played the ponies, bought livestock, taken the rides… name it! Ready to eat my way through as well. Good Luck in your search!

  35. I’m new to this county (even after a year of living here), and one of the best ways to explore somewhere is with the food. There is nothing like Carnival food.

    I love to eat, I’m awesome, and I love to eat.

    Did I mention that I love food?

  36. I will shatter my iron gut with fair food for your enjoyment (and my own). Please pick me!

  37. Look! I know a lot of these amazing people might be perfect for this undertaking, I know I am not. But we are forgetting a huge population here! The kids! I think you should have a teenager on this grand adventure. My teen will eat and try anything! She is fun and mature and would love to do this! She also enjoys being with any other age group and will mix well with anyone. Her name is Hailey , she will be 15 on August 7, 2016 and this would be something she would love to do! Please pick her!

  38. You should pick me because I love food. From the Mexican village to giant turkey legs, from Clover ice cream to deep fried Oreos, I am the poor mans food critic.
    I have been a fair foodie all my life, and when it comes to the best fair food, it doesn’t get better than the king of the carnival, food on a stick.
    All hail the corn-dog.

  39. I have a cardiologist! I have a neurologist! I have a general practitioner! I have a podiatrist! I have a lung specialist! All of them tell me running is good! I love Fair Food and take my family every year. Help me to please all my doctors by picking me to run from Fair Food Stand to Fair Food Stand experiencing the gastronomic delights that will exercise my entire body and soul, including my tummy!

  40. Great eater. Fast on quad canes, with duo hubby, to grab and carry. Two for one team players. Never met a dessert didn’t like

  41. As a long-time Sonoma County resident, previous SC restaurant owner and annual fair attendee for the last 30-plus years, I have a accumulated a lot of experience enjoying the food served at the fair, and have a discerning pallet of good food in general . I bought myself a new pair of running shoes, which will allow me time to race and juke through the crowds. My goal is to try the different varieties and make recommendations for a savvy fair attendee and their families to try the best of the best, and skip the rest.
    I am also fasting in preparation for this event so I can get my stomach in shape to crunch and munch. I am ready….please pick me……!!

  42. We love fair food! My girlfriend & I watch Carnival eats with Noah Cappe religiously plus she would be jealous as hell, lol.

  43. I would love to participate in this year’s food scramble!! I have followed this program every year since moving to Santa Rosa and always check out the results before heading to the fair. The food is my number one reason for going every year, I love trying all the new creations! 🙂

  44. Pick me! I’ve helped KSRO’s Good Food Hour sample the best fair foods each year as the producer during our live broadcast from the Sonoma County Fair. During our Fair broadcasts, I am often juggling up to 10 different plates of food in an hour. I also have a great palate, and appreciate the fun of fair food. And I am happy to talk in sound bites, to help you write your article. 🙂

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