We Love Local, But…

Chocolate covered blue cheese? Hmmmm.


BiteClub’s a fan of pretty much any great artisan product from Northern California. But I’m not sure I can enthusiastically endorse the Bissinger Chocolate Covered Blue Cheese Wine Grapes. I wanted to, I really did. They are, after all, chocolate covered Point Reyes blue cheese with wine grapes! Sold at the Epicurean Connection (122 W. Napa St., Sonoma), they’re exactly what they sound like. Delicious dark chocolate, lush blue cheese and a chewy Shiraz-infused wine grape in the middle. Sounds like a winner, right? Unfortunately, the three aren’t necessarily delicious together, in a single bite. But for a gag gift for your favorite choco-holic? Brilliant.

Here’s the official description:

Blue Cheese Wine Grapes: Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier

Wine grapes are infused with Shiraz incorporate a delicate layer of Point Reyes Blue Cheese and then enrobed in our signature 60% European-style Chocolate. Nice upfront chocolate and red wine notes are followed by extended lingering taste of blue cheese.