Scout , John and Zeke’s opening in Healdsburg

Favorite watering hole moves, new bar opening this spring

scoutChange is never easy. Especially for generations of Healdsburg barflies whose only constant in the ever-evolving Wine Country town was John and Zeke’s Bar on the Plaza–which closed last fall. For more than 50 years, the gritty, locals-only bar was a popular, Cheer’s-like watering hole where ranchers, winemakers and other townsfolk could grab a beer, play a game of shuffleboard and catch up on the latest gossip.

After the building sold, John and Zeke’s owners vowed to reopen elsewhere, and they’ve kept their word. The new John and Zeke’s has opened just a few blocks away at 420 Healdsburg Avenue (the former B&B Lounge) kicking things off with a New Year’s Eve party on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a sign has gone up on the former John and Zeke’s location (111 Plaza St.) for Scout Bar, which will open in March. The building’s new owner, Sam Young, owns the 70’s themed Kozy Kar Bar in San Francisco.