Two Local Restaurants Launched a Food Collaboration. The Result Is Delicious

Chef Carlos Mojica of Healdsburg's Guiso Latin Fusion and Dominic Ciambrone of Canevari's Deli in Santa Rosa have put their creative heads together to create something truly unique.

As a kid, chef Carlos Mojica of Healdsburg’s Guiso Latin Fusion restaurant remembers tagging along to his cousin’s soccer games with Santa Rosa native Dominic Ciambrone, a celebrity shoe designer whose up-styled kicks now command upward of $200,000 a pair.

The two recently reconnected at Mojica’s restaurant, sparking a food collaboration between Guiso and Canevari’s Deli in Santa Rosa, owned by Ciambrone’s father.

“I saw this as a perfect opportunity. Dom came to eat at the restaurant and loved it. I was like, if you want to do a collab, I’m in,” said Mojica. “Within a day, they said they’d love to,” he added. And the Cubano Cannelloni was born.

Mojica’s cuisine focuses on approachable, upscale Latin-inspired dishes including a Cubano sandwich. In developing the dish, Mojica said he fused Italian and Latin culture, creating pork-filled crepe with a Peruvian Aji Amarillo sauce sold at lunch and dinner at his restaurant and to-go at the deli.

“We’ve sold out almost every day,” said Mojica, who plans to create a new collaborative dish each quarter.

Find it at Guiso Latin Fusion, 117 North St., Healdsburg or Canevari’s Deli, 695 Lewis Road, Santa Rosa.