The Cronut (Knockoff) is Here!

It's our very own Wine Country version of the famous croissant-donut

The Doh Sant

The Doh Sant
The Doh Sant

A cross between a donut and a croissant, the Cronut has taken New York by storm. Invented by Chef Dominque Ansel, the curious dessert filled with pastry cream has enthusiasts waiting in line for three hours just for a taste. Throughout the country, bakers have strived to achieve the crispy, fried deliciousness, and it seems a new Sonoma County baking team has come up with their own version.

Though the Cronut name is trademarked, Jeremiah Seims and Robin Carey of Our Lady Grace Confections are selling Doh sants at local farm markets. Their versions include cinnamon, caramel topped and chocolate, and it only takes a bite to get seriously hooked. Think you can handle this caloric creation? Find Our Lady Grace Confections on Wednesday and Saturday at the Redwood Empire Farm Market in Santa Rosa.


19 thoughts on “The Cronut (Knockoff) is Here!

  1. I went to the Vet’s Farmer’s Market today (Wednesday, August 21) and there were no CroNuts there! Did I go to the wrong Farmer’s Market?

  2. I think I saw Our Lady Grace with Doh Sants at the most Awesome West End Farmer’s Market last Sunday. 😀 (West End Farmer’s Market, with LOTS of veggies and other goodies, located on Donahue street, (at West 9th) right in front of the DeTurk Round Barn, Sundays from 10-2)

  3. Is it just me,or is the us too much Wine Country Foo-Foo stuff and not enough meat and potato’s food news ?? I see lot’s of stuff by Mouthful that only pertains to a certain portion of the population and nothing (or next to nothing) from Bite Club unless you are willing and able enough to navigate to the depths of the website!!

  4. So far, everything I’ve tasted from Our Lady Grace Confections (variety of candy, fruit pies, Doh sants, specialty breads) has been memorable! There is definitely some kind of magic happening in their kitchen. Talk about comfort food….yum!.

  5. And, where or what is SOFA?? Also, where is the Bite Club blogger? Acre Coffee and Chick-fil-A have opened in Santa Rosa, and China Room is newly reopened under a new name and new owners, and no Bite Club blog mentions?

    1. SOFA is the South of A St. area where Spinster Sisters is. I’ve mentioned Chick-filA and china room previously, but yes, needs additional mention. Way to kick a girl when she’s down, though. Whew!

      1. Didn’t know you were down?! And, certainly wasn’t kicking! I wouldn’t mention anything if I wasn’t missing everyone’s fav blogger!

  6. I had these a few weeks ago. They are delicious. They had a lot of great things on their table but I fell in love with their caramel covered Doh-sant.

    Redwood Empire farmers market is located near the vets building. As some see that the need to clarify is a bad thing I think it shows that sonoma county has a wonderful abundance of markets for farmers, local food vendors and local artisan craft makers to reach the consumers that enjoy spending their money supporting the community and local businesses. West end farmers market is located on Donahue in old Railroad square.

    A farmers market is exactly that- a place for farmers to supply the public directly as well as other artisans that offer delicacies and other goods that you cannot get anywhere else.

    1. I like the mix. I think it is a good balance of healthy fresh produce, meats and prepared foods. Remember that the markets are a great place for fledgling businesses to see if there is a market for their goods without a large brick-and-mortar investment. I am supportive of that. The market will bear out whether its a wanted service or not.

  7. Sound interesting. Will have to try it out.

    BTW, is it just me or is just easier to refer to the Redwood Empire Farmers Market as “the one by the Vets Building/Fairgrounds”? Likewise the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market is better known as “the one by Wells Fargo Center.” Advantage of the West End Farmers Market is that I don’t have to look it up every single time because the location is in the name!

    1. Well the location may be in the name but where is West End exactly? 🙂 There sure seem to be a lot of neighborhoods springing up. Still not sure how I feel about SOFA now there’s West End…

      1. The West End has been around for quite some time…nothing new. It includes (roughly) everything north of Santa Rosa Creek, East of Dutton, West of Wilson, and South of 9th.

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