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The Cronut (Knockoff) is Here!

It's our very own Wine Country version of the famous croissant-donut

The Doh Sant
The Doh Sant
The Doh Sant

A cross between a donut and a croissant, the Cronut has taken New York by storm. Invented by Chef Dominque Ansel, the curious dessert filled with pastry cream has enthusiasts waiting in line for three hours just for a taste. Throughout the country, bakers have strived to achieve the crispy, fried deliciousness, and it seems a new Sonoma County baking team has come up with their own version.

Though the Cronut name is trademarked, Jeremiah Seims and Robin Carey of Our Lady Grace Confections are selling Doh sants at local farm markets. Their versions include cinnamon, caramel topped and chocolate, and it only takes a bite to get seriously hooked. Think you can handle this caloric creation? Find Our Lady Grace Confections on Wednesday and Saturday at the Redwood Empire Farm Market in Santa Rosa.

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