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Sushi burrito

Yep, it's a burrito and it's sushi

Takeshi Uchida, owner of the sushi burrito cart
Takeshi Uchida, owner of the sushi burrito cart

Have you tried the  “sushi burrito” at the Santa Rosa Saturday market? Takeshi Uchida (a former Hana Japanese chef) has created what he claims is the first Sushi Burrito cart…ever.. The hefty Japanese-Mexican wrap includes either fried chicken or baked cod, pickled veggies, wasabi mayo, sushi rice and a nori (seaweed) wrapper. They’ll run you about $7-$8 each, but they’re more than enough to share with a friend. Find Uchida’s sushi burrito cart at the Veteran’s Hall on Saturday mornings, and various locations near the Santa Rosa Airport campus. Find updated Twitter info on locations here

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