Taqueria Molcajetes Spices Up Santa Rosa

A Guy Fieri Favorite featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

Taqueria Molcajetes, Santa Rosa: For the uninitiated, molcajete typically refers to a large volcanic stone bowl that is heated to approximately the temperature of the sun. Meats, fresh cheese, cactus paddles, green onions, and seafood are mixed with a spicy chile stew and the whole steaming, sizzling, bubbling, furious thing is brought to your table. It will remain steaming, molten and bubbling for nearly a half-hour as you are enveloped by a refreshing meat and vegetable-scented steam. You will be very tempted to touch the bowl with an adorable pig face just to see how hot it is. Do not do this. It is very hot. I have a blister on my pointer finger to prove that very point.

In 2019, Taqueria Molcajetes was featured by local celebrity chef Guy Fieri on Diners, Drives Ins and Dives.

195 W.  College Ave., Santa Rosa, 707-544-8280.