Things to Do in Sonoma County This Week

Whether you’re in love or you’re ready to mingle, we have a whole list of fun things for you to do this weekend. Learn about the birds and the bees, and the lemurs and the giraffes at the annual Wild Jungle Love tour at Safari West. Also happening this weekend is the Cloverdale Citrus Fair, […]

Zydeco Music Sensation in Sonoma

Close your eyes and you’d think you were in a bar on a Louisiana bayou. The dance hall is packed. The band plays zydeco, which melds French and Caribbean music styles, with accordions and washboards front and center. Dancers fill the floor, quickstepping and stomping. Beer flows, and the high-energy beat surges through everyone. But […]
For 81 years, Mary Ferrario has faithfully visited her brother, Frankie Magliotto, at Sonoma Developmental Center. Frankie, a year older than Mary, was committed in 1934 to what was then known as Sonoma State Home. (Photo by Erik Castro)

A World Apart – Sonoma Development Center

As the state plans to close the 124-year-old Sonoma Developmental Center, families of the 392 residents wonder what closure will mean for their loved ones.