Syrah takes over Mixx

Syrah owner Josh Silvers has just closed a deal to take over the former Mixx space in Railroad Square. After months of speculation about who might go into the vacant restaurant but Silvers tells BiteClub that construction and renovations have begun. Named Jackson’s Bar & Oven, plans are for affordable dining with a focus on the wood-burning stove — pizza, pasta, burgers, hot dogs, hangar steaks. Of course with Josh’s Cal-Ital-French flair. “We’re even thinking about doing buckets of chicken wings…stuff you just don’t see a lot of in Santa Rosa,” says Josh’s business partner and wife, Regina.

 “We have wanted that space for a long time. It just never made sense before and now it’s falling into place perfectly,” she tells BiteClub. They plan to open the restaurant (named for their son) early next year.

That should be about the time that nearby Jack and Tony’s Restaurant and Whiskey Bar opens for business. Plans were delayed for the opening slated for this fall and owners say it may be December (or so) before they’re officially ready for business.


15 thoughts on “Syrah takes over Mixx

  1. I have never in my life responded to (and rarely read) blogs, but my husband showed me this and I feel I must: Josh is awesome, talented, a good mentor, and fearless when it comes to taking on challenges – and although no restaurant can possible hit a home run with every single meal every night of the week, Syrah is still one of the best in the County! And that takes away nothing from Guy Fieri, a great guy and a rock star in his own way. There’s room for more than one in Sonoma County,folks!

  2. I second Ms. Steak. Now that you have trashed a really cool guy who you have apparently never met – yeah your bff would be proud – can we get back to the chicken wings. Does Hopmonk do wings? Can’t wait for Josh’s place to open, I’m excited for him and SR, but until then…

  3. No I was talking about Josh. It was my BEST friend that had the horrible experience so cry me a river

  4. I second Samantha! Try their homemade potato chips with blue cheese dressing … YUMMY!
    As far as the “ownwer” goes … JOSH ROCKS!
    So Jenny MUST be talking about someone else.
    Also, I try to base my opinions on my personal experience, not on what I have “heard”. I sure as hell wouldn’t post something derogatory about another person on a public forum. Especially if it was someone elses OPINION!

  5. I hope you mean the building owner too- JOSH is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I can not wait until Jackson’s is up and running! We are so excited for another resturant to go up in Santa Rosa under Josh’s name! It will be prefect – one special Dinner at Syrah and the next night some chicken wings at Jackson’s!

  6. Chicken wings!!! That reminds me– I moved out here two years ago from the East Coast and I haven’t had them since! Except Safeway, which doesn’t count.
    Not to hijack the thread– but any tips on good chicken wings places? Heather maybe this deserves a deeper investigation.

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