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BiteClub’s finally gotten word on the whereabouts of former General’s Daughter chef Preston Dishman. After hunting around Sonoma and Napa for the right gig without luck, Preston and his wife will be heading to San Mateo. Dishman will be the new executive chef of Viognier, owned by the Draeger family. Though we’re sad to see Wine Country lose such a talent, BiteClub wishes our favorite Southern boy well.

Meanwhile, after a quick rebab of the General’s Daughter, Sondra Bernstein of the Girl & the Fig has opened Estate, a restaurant focused on regional Italian cuisine and festive drinking. Check out the menu here.

Chefs Josh Silvers and Mark Malicki will be headed to Terra Madre in late October. It’s a huge honor for local chefs to be attending this worldwide convention of Slow Food enthusiasts in Torino, Italy. We can’t wait to hear how it goes. Meanwhile, Zin’s Jeff Mall is headed to the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Hopefully Josh will have some big news to announce before his trip. Hopefully.

Finally, if you haven’t been following the drama over at Rendezvous, check out the recent news stories about their fight with the city over garbage. What a stink!

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5 thoughts on “Juicy news

  1. Chef Todd Muir, Wine Country Chefs, is also in
    Italy for the SLO FOOD Convention.
    Sonoma County is well represented with these top
    chefs. How about a follow up report when
    these outstanding chefs return.

  2. Heather, could u please consider visiting and giving the Himilayian Tandoori restaurant on 116 in Sebastopol (across from Fircrest Market) a review?
    They are still VERY fairly new and in my opinion ,one of the better indian food restaurants around!
    And very attentive kind staff!
    Thanks for the consideration and….
    Namaste’ !

  3. i have heard there is a new vegetarian restaurant going
    in downtown Santa Rosa. anyone have news on that?
    I also heard its a full bar? my kind of place!

  4. Oddly enough, that’s not exactly correct. I get a lot of comments on pretty much anything I write about in Santa Rosa. Restaurants outside of SR (which is where many “destination” restaurants are) tend to get less attention other than people kvetching about the price.
    Clearly there is also a “me too” aspect of the lower-priced restaurants because a larger swath of folks can afford to try them and chime in.
    I’m committed to covering a variety of restaurants from high end to low-end — but mostly with a focus on what’s new. Because there have been so few openings lately, I’m revisiting or investigating some old favorites as well.

  5. Heather, do you ever notice you don’t get a lot of response about the high-end restaurants, but the breakfast and lunch hole-in-the-walls get lots of comments?

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