Sonoma Magazine Nominated for 9 Awards, Now Biggest National Magazine in Sonoma County

Most of the time, the Sonoma Magazine staff is a pretty humble bunch. After all, it’s hard to get hit by hubris when you’re surrounded by such natural, cultural and culinary splendor. Nevertheless, every now and then, we feel that some (well-deserved) self promotion is in place. Today is one of those days. 

Spoiler alert: the happy people in the picture are not the Sonoma Magazine staff - it's actually Buena Vista Winery's Living Extravaganza performers - but this is pretty much what we look like when celebrating. Pretty much.
Spoiler alert: the happy people in this photo are not the Sonoma Magazine staff – it’s Buena Vista Winery’s Living Extravaganza performers – but this is what we look like when we celebrate. Pretty much. (Photo courtesy of Buena Vista Winery)

Following the news that Sonoma Magazine is a finalist for three national magazine awards from the CRMA, we recently found out that we have been nominated for six Maggie Awards; the most prestigious publication awards in the West. A three-time Maggie award-winner, Sonoma Magazine is nominated for the 2017 Maggies within the categories “Best Regional & State Magazine,” “Best Feature Article,” “Best Interview or Profile,” “Best Editorial Illustration,” “Best Editorial Photograph,” and “Best Overall Publication Design.”

As if that wasn’t enough to make our egos expand dramatically, Sonoma Magazine is now the number one magazine on Sonoma County newsstands; selling more copies per issue than any other national magazine – including People magazine. Sonoma Magazine currently sells three times more copies per issue than Sunset, more copies than Real Simple, Oprah, and Martha Stewart Living – combined, and more copies than Esquire, Dwell, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair – also combined!

The cherry on top? Sonoma Magazine has won an SPD (Society of Publication Designers) Merit Award for Best Photo Illustration for “The BIG Guide to Cheap Eats.”

That’s all. End of brag. Want to find out what all the fuss is about? Sign up for a Sonoma Magazine subscription here.


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