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Sonoma County Spots That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Italy

No travels to Europe? No problem. Get a taste of la dolce vita at these local restaurants, wineries and hotels.

No travels to Europe? No problem. You can get a taste of the good life in other parts of the world right here in Sonoma County. Dreaming of a trip to Italy? We’ve rounded up a few local ideas in the above gallery. Remember to social distance and to wear that mask!

Where do you go for a taste of Italy in Sonoma County? Let us know in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “Sonoma County Spots That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Italy

  1. Riviera is a comfortable, excellent Italian restaurant that doesn’t seem to pop up in these reviews, but offers truly great Italian food without all the embellishments found at some establishments. Even though it may not make the “lists” it is usually full-full of diners and full of wonderfully flavorful food.

  2. How could you miss including DaVero Farms & Winery in Healdsburg?? They specialize in Italian variety wines AND brought over the first olive plants to the US since the 1800s. Their wines, olive oils and culinary items are nothing short of amazing!!

  3. The tasting complex at VJB Winery is truly Tuscan in character from the tiled roofs to the rock walls. The courtyard patio separates the main building from the hall that is used for special wine events, with the pizza ovens located on the SE side. I’m a VJB wine club member for several reasons. The first is that they offer a large selection of Italian wines and I like the majority! of them, unlike most wineries where I’m lucky to be impressed by two. They have maps in the tasting room where you can see where the grapes of the wines your are drinking are traditionally grown in Italy. This and the wealth of info about the local vineyards from the pourers (even the youngins) makes for a richer experience of the tasting. Between the wine makers, the setting, the first class Italian deli, the pizza, and the staff, you can easily imagine that you are in Pienza, or Montepulciano, or Montalcino or the outskirts of Siena. (You probably can’t tell that I’m tearing up now, remembering our honeymoon in Tuscany.) Then, after your visit to Italy at VJB, just drive a few miles east to the Sonoma Springs area if you also want a trip to Mexico.

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  4. As we own a farmhouse in Tuscany to which we can’t return yet, we get our Italian fix at VJB Cafe in Kenwood. Beautiful patio, great wines, yummy gelato and authentic nibbles.

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