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All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian BBQ In Santa Rosa

Stark’s “Big Red” mobile rotisserie will be firing up all-you-can eat mesquite-grilled New York steak, ribeye, filet mignon, smoked pork belly, barbecue salmon and more.

Stark’s Steak and Seafood has transformed its outdoor parking lot into a churrascaria from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday through Sunday each week. Like at the churrascaria grills in Portugal and Brazil, you’ll need to bring a big appetite to this one.

Stark’s “Big Red” mobile rotisserie will be firing up all-you-can eat mesquite-grilled New York steak, ribeye, filet mignon, lemon herb chicken, smoked pork belly, barbecue salmon and tamarind-glazed grilled shrimp along with hot garlic dill bread, crispy calamari, potato skin fondue, tomato salad with blue cheese and Caesar salad. The meal is served family-style and includes a berry crisp with sweet corn streusel and s’mores pie.

Dinner costs $49 per person and seating is limited. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Details at; 521 Adams St., Santa Rosa.

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Spoonbar’s Moroccan Menu: Head to North Africa with a special family-style meal featuring chermoula Moroccan chicken with couscous, beet salad with oranges, brie and pistachios and Casablanca cheesecake. Take-out only. The three-course meal serves four, $75. Details at; 219 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg

The Salt You Need: I’m currently obsessed with Black Truffle Salt from Sonoma Spice Queen. So obsessed I’ve put it on everything from scrambled eggs to avocado toast. I’ve used it to zhuzh up beet salad and even rim a glass of merlot (OK, that was actually not delicious). Unlike cheap truffle oils that are a pale imitation of truffle, this version is a serious hit of real truffle — the umami, the earthiness, the hint of creaminess. You’ll be a believer. We also love her hibiscus sugar, sweet and tart, on popcorn, in cocktails and as a margarita rimmer.; 407 C St., Petaluma

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9 thoughts on “All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian BBQ In Santa Rosa

  1. Jeez! Let’s stop peddling the animal flesh please. We all need to stop eating so much of it. Animal Agriculture (meat and dairy) is the number one cause of Climate Change. It will also likely be the cause of the next pandemic. Let’s change up the restaurant models a little Starks.

  2. That’s NOT Brazilian BBQ! I have lived in Brazil. Nothing mentioned is cooked churrasco style. Also the kind of meats are not even what they have at a churrascaria. What they’re doing is I guess a white washed version? Considering starks is owned by white people. Get it together, they should do their research instead of slapping a name for marketing!!

        1. Do you hear me complain about Black Forest Ham, Bratwurst, Wiener, Franks or German Bologna? There’s a lot of German dishes Americans think are authentic when in fact they’re not – and to be honest it doesn’t matter what they call it if it’s good. Most italian dishes celebrated in the US are not even on the menu in Italy, but nobody cares, you’re not in Italy.
          Starks have been putting out rather good food in all their restaurants and while definitely on the pricey side it’s also worth it if you can and want to afford it. But please don’t go to their Spanish Tapas place in Healdsburg – that would be another offense.
          You know what’s really offensive? People who scream offense at every little insignificant thing.

    1. Where do you like to eat at? Why hate on a business that is trying to keep people employed. No one is hating on you eating plants, leave us meat eaters alone.

  3. Reggie, why not give them a break, it is not Brazilian barbecue like you know maybe. These are extremely trying times and they are just trying to do right by their employees to keep the restaurant open. Running a restaurant in the best of times is not easy and he certainly are not the best of times. Why not try it out in the spirit that is given. They have a lot of steak on hand what would you like them to do throw it all away and buy new steaks so it could be more “authentic“ Or try and do something fun and innovative for the community and to keep the restaurant alive. After a year of fires floods in a pandemic restaurants are struggling and since you haven’t even tried it for you to come out and be naysaying is less than fair. I have a reservation next Thursday and I am Very excited to go try it out!

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