Sonoma County Gastropubs: Belly Left Coast Kitchen, Heritage Public House

Two new gastropubs put the focus on beer + food

Pork Belly at Left Coast Kitchen
Pork Belly at Left Coast Kitchen

Raise a glass to the final days of American Craft Beer Week by heading to one of Sonoma County’s newest gastropubs: Belly Left Coast Kitchen & Taproom (523 Fourth St. at Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa) or Heritage Public House (1901 Mendocino Ave. at Steele Lane, Santa Rosa, 707-540-0395).

The food’s been getting better and better with each visit to Belly (one of the original chefs has been replaced) with happy-belly dishes like pulled pork sliders, crispy pork belly, Two Hog Mac and cheese (with twice the chorizo) along with crab cakes and a killer buffalo chicken pizza with Humboldt Fog blue cheese. The kitchen’s open until 1:30am and oh, did we mention the beers? My craft brew loving friends gave big props to the craft brew list.

Mac and cheese at Heritage Public House
Mac and cheese at Belly Left Coast Ktichen

We’re also loving the brotastic rumpus room vibe of Heritage Public House, which recently opened in the former Video Droid.  The renovated space (with a pool table and plenty of big screens) features a California microbrew lineup of 24 taps (rotating weekly) and more than 30 bottled selections. Chef Andrew Oldfield is ramping up the menu to include lots of gastropub faves including burgers, fish and chips, lettuce wraps, and fried chicken sandwiches. Oldfield is promising some fun additions from the smoker soon.

Finally, the insanely popular BeerCraft now offers public beer tastings each Thursday from 6 to 8pm. Recently featured: 101 North Brewing’s Stigmata Red Rye Ale and Heroine IPA, and Auburn Alehouse. 5704 Commerce Blvd., Rohnert Park.

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9 thoughts on “Sonoma County Gastropubs: Belly Left Coast Kitchen, Heritage Public House

  1. Was on my way to Heritage for an afternoon beer after hitting the Pharmacy, and they had my CAR TOWED. Owner was a prick who hid from others complaining about the tow truck he sent onto an almost empty parking lot. I think he just left the area to avoid the embarrassment from angry potential customers.

    WILL NOT go back.

    Not a very good way to start.

  2. Went to Heritage about 2 weeks ago. Told them we only had 20-30 min and wanted a beer and quick bite. I think there were only 1-2 people there, but while servers were friendly, service was slow. Of the 2 beers we ordered, they got one order wrong and despite ordering a lettuce wrap assuming it would be quick as no cooking was involved, that delivery was very slow. Then we needed to get out of there and getting check was a little slow- when we got it there was no pen…

    With those negatives, we still realize they were just opening and liked the vibe of the place, the beer selection, and the friendliness

  3. We tried both spots last Friday. Heritage was still in their soft-open. Nice wait staff, good beer, OK food. The food is delivered on these metal trays that look like the drip pan to a toaster oven. Very little presentation overall. Fries were OK, nothing special. Burger was OK, nothing special. Bahn Mi was pretty good, but would be better with toasted/warmed bread and a little more meat. I really liked the vibe in there. I will be back for more as they get into their groove.

    Belly was awesome. Huge improvement over Checkers. Cool decor, good TVs, good looking bar staff.

    1. Ha! I really like the presentation… they plate the food on those metal trays. Resourceful, and it gives some bro-ness, a certain urban flavor I think they are emulating, imho.

  4. Great pictures but the food at Left Coast Kitchen is really flavorless. If only they had decent food I would go all the time.

    1. I’ve only been once, but we thought that the pork belly entree was really excellent — best i’ve had, besides spinster sisters.

      also, the daily ceviche trio was super good.

      to each their own, i suppose!

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