Sizzler becomes Grillin and Chillin

Former Sizzler keeps the menu pretty much the same

Am eager eater at Grillin and Chilin, the former Sizzler in Santa Rosa
Am eager eater at Grillin and Chilin, the former Sizzler in Santa Rosa
Mr. Biteclub at Grillin and Chilin, the former Sizzler in Santa Rosa


A surprising number of folks have been asking about the fate of the Sizzler (1440 Townview Ln., Santa Rosa). After a month-long closure, it quietly reopened as Grillin’ and Chillin’ over Mother’s Day weekend.

The good news: The steak, fried shrimp and cheese-and-ham-draped chicken will be very familiar to Sizzler fans. The bad news: No canned peaches, as one regular loudly complained on his way back from the salad bar. And no hot bar with chicken wings.

Folks mostly seem confused as they walk in, but friendly staff are hoping to welcome new diners to the location.

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32 thoughts on “Sizzler becomes Grillin and Chillin

  1. my daughter and son in -law went there when they first opened, ordered chicken wings, after taking a bite he realized it was raw!! He was sick for a week! Very scary!!

  2. After going to this restaurant for years, Our dinner that usually cost under $22.00 now cost $30.00. Because they have started to charge for the salad bar and the drinks. on top of your meal. We only come to eat because of Tammy, but now it is priced over what we can afford, every week! We go to eat every Friday night. We understand that they have to raise prices but $9.00 for 2 of us to eat is way too much! We can no longer come to eat until you put the prices back the way the were.
    Ed has never even said Hi to us even if he is standing behind the counter. or on the floor! How can we keep coming to a place every week and not even for him to say Hi, or Thank you for coming!

    We need Sizzler to come back!

  3. I had the Sunday brunch on November 17, 2013 and it was great. In addition to the pancakes, eggs, waffles, sweet rolls, muffins, sausages, and bacon I was able to get additional items from the salad bar. The salad bar items were all fresh. Strawberries, pineapples, grapes, and other fruit. Then there were the bacon bits, tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, olives and other salad bar items which complimented the omelet. There were many dressings. I thought it was really great. All of my friends also had the brunch and everybody liked what they got and said they would go back there to eat again. The waitresses were very friendly. This is a nice place and I recommend it to everybody.

  4. This place was horrible! I ordered a tri tip sandwich and got a pulled pork sandwich, which was awful. The salad bar hardly has anything good in it. I will NOT be returning! I should have gone to Taco Bell across the street instead.

  5. Sizzler was good, only on Sunday mornings though… They still offer many of the same meals at this new place on Sunday. Chick Fil A is disgusting & I know it will have bad business in this open community against discrimination.

  6. This is a great place to bring your family!! It was clean, fun (kids loved the self serve ice cream, and had an overall better look. Prices are cheaper than what they were at the Sizzler, but the quality of the food is what really stood out to me! I spoke with the manager of the restaurant and he said that they’ll be expanding the menu soon! They even have a Twitter (@grilln_chilln)! Looks like these folks will look to stay here for a while.

    1. Is anything in there Gluten Free? Free Range meats??
      I am kind of sick and tired of eating cancer producing crap…..

      1. I believe you’re going to the wrong places if you insist on gluten-free, sustainably raised, hormone-free, organically grown and ethically correct food. Those are from Sebastopol, not Santa Rosa.

  7. So many of the people writing replies to this article are wearing blinders or are just insensitive to others needs. Sizzler was a great place for seniors to go. ANYONE on a limited income needs less expensive places to eat, even with flies in the salad bar! I hope it survives it’s reincarnation…And BTW, it WOULD be BIG news if Burger King closed its doors…You don’t like the food…get a $12 dollar burger somewhere else…

  8. I went to Grilling and Chilling on THursday for lunch and it was great!

    The salad bar was exquisite. It had every kind of fruit, melon, veggies and toppings you can imagine (I even saw canned peaches).

    It was FRESH!

    ALthough they had daily specials listed on a board as you walk in, my friend and I were craving steak and potato to go with the salad bar.

    The staff was very friendly and attentive. Our waiter was excellant.

    Steak was tender and juicy. The potato was perfect. They served a generous portion of butter and sour cream to go with the potato and a basket of warm bread.

    We were so full that we didn’t try the dessert offerings but I will next time.

    SO yes, I will happily eat here again. Prices were very reasonable.

    The salad bar ordered with our steak and potato was only $2.99!! It’s $3.99 by itself which is still a great deal.

    The place was clean and comfortable.


  9. Headline: “What the Heck Happened to the Sizzler?” Let it go. It was just Sizzler. You would think Santa Rosa is more sophisticated than that. I would understand if the Sizzler closed in a place like Lakeport or even Cloverdale but it should be no big deal if the Sizzler closes in Santa Rosa.

      1. For a lot of folks this is actually pretty big news. It had a particular clientele and I got a lot of questions. Maybe not news for foodies but news for some.

    1. Hi Tim…I understand where you’re coming from. I thought I would mention (with a bit of a laugh) that any old timer would know that Sizzler was a TRADITION over in that area of town dating back to at least 1966. (I had a good buddy that worked there…John Martin, RIP) At that time, it was located down near where Gary Chu is in Montgomery Village; near where the old SWIM CENTER used to be. There, I really dated myself! But seriously, Sizzler had been around over there darn near fifty years between those two locations. Or maybe it was always in that location…but I don’t think so.
      We had not been to Sizzler in YEARS and drove up to find them closed a while back and obviously being remodeled. We’ll go try the new place, for sure.

  10. Sizzler’s wasn’t the greatest but it was nice to have an “All American” buffet as opposed to the increasingly common Mexican and Chinese food restaurants. Don’t get me wrong I love Chinese and Mexican food but sometimes I want steak, steak sauce, shrimp, ketchup and chicken wings!! We need a Hometown Buffet!!! I guess I’ll be driving my fat butt to River Rock for the nice buffet there but I can’t take my children there 80(

      1. Stevel, River Rock will not allow anyone under 21 for the buffet except on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and I think Christmas. My friend and I just took her daughter with us up there and were turned away.
        They don’t even allow babies as we also found out when my niece brought her 2 month old up there. BTW, they have an excellent prime rib and seafood buffet every Friday night for 19.99.

        1. no offense to you but a lot of people cant relax and eat when there a baby- crying or not- around them. A lot of restaurant in Sonoma and San Fran have special hours for babies so they can keep the adult customers

          1. Ugh. No offense to you but if you don’t like babies you probably think puppies, kittens, Hispanics, afros and everybody and everything else should have their own times and hours to eat. How selfish.

    1. Wow River rock DEFINITELY is the bestest bestest buffet around. I had 3-4 pieces of salmon instead of ONE> so I drove by didnt know sizzler was gone at all so I’ll try the new place even tho some said they were “lost” when going in and the food was crappy-…… we will see

  11. Agreed on the hot bar and the chicken wings, which were just about the best thing there. No need to go back, now.

  12. went the other day it sucks flys in the salad bar more exspencive no decor cheap makeover with no class

  13. No offense, but Sizzler (or any reincarnation) definitely needs to remain in my childhood memories. I share LindySez’s sentiments about being surprised how long this place stayed open with SO MANY great, farm-to-table (or just plain better) restaurants around.

  14. Did Guy buy it? I mean, how could he compete with Sizzler? I’m sure he had something to do with this being almost next door. No, really…truly amazing to me how some of these businesses have stayed in business for so long, although I do remember back in the day them not being so bad…but now…so bad…

  15. No chicken wings? Forget it then!! They were the best dipped in the blue cheese dressing. DANG!! Is the menu still about the same? I was wondering about prices and anyone know how the food is now?

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