Sonoma County Food Is…

Who are we, really?

Chosen Spot Dinner at Bloomfield Farms

Chosen Spot Dinner at Bloomfield FarmsRecently a group of restaurateurs, chefs, farmers, food purveyors and food justice folks got together to think about a whole bunch of issues in the local food scene — what we want to change, how we want to grow, how we think the world see us — and one really interesting question came up…

How is it that we really define what makes Sonoma County unique when it comes to food?

It seems like a really obvious question with really obvious answer. But is it?

Some people think we’re the American Provence.
Others suggest Tuscany.
Some people think we’re something that shouldn’t be compared to Europe.
Some people think its all about the farms and ranchers.
Others about our chefs. Or the wineries.
Some compare us to Napa. Others say we are something altogether different.
One thing most agree on is our authenticity.

But in the end, its a more difficult question than you might think.

So…I ask you. What defines us in Sonoma County when it comes to food?