Sonoma County Brunch Spots for Mother’s Day, 2019

Consider this a Public Service Announcement: Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 12.

Consider this a Public Service Announcement: MOTHER’S DAY is on Sunday, May 12 and, because you’re such a good spouse/kid/grandparent/pet, you will treat them to a day of the following:
– Absolute perfect behavior
– Lots of praise about what an excellent mother she is
– Thoughtful gifts and affection
– Two hours of complete silence at her time and date of choosing

But perhaps most of all, you will take them to BRUNCH! Click through the gallery for a list of favorite Mom’s Day spots which you OF COURSE HAVE MADE A RESERVATION for in advance. Otherwise, you’d better be ready for a heaping helping of Mom’s Suppressed Anger Casserole for dinner next week.

One note: Many restaurants will be serving their usual brunch specials on Sunday, so if she has a favorite, call and make a reservation.