Sift becomes a dessert bar

Sift becomes a dessert bar

In the good news department, Santa Rosa isn’t losing a cupcakery, it’s gaining a dessert bar!
According to a note from Sift Cupcakery, the local bakery was facing some legal implications if the didn’t change the “cupcakery” part of their name. So instead of fighting, they’re just evolving. Starting in December, they’ll add five new desserts to their current cupcake lineup (which are currently under wraps, but trust me, they’re worth waiting for), do some face lifting to their current shops and have a whole lot more exciting news to share with their fans.
BiteClub’s got the inside scoop on what’s coming, but owners say the final news still has a little bit of cooking to do…
Meanwhile, check out their new Facebook page. Membership has its privileges.

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5 thoughts on “Sift becomes a dessert bar

  1. On a side note, The Cupcakery in Las Vegas is AWESOME. Iris, regardless of whether they market in Northern California or not, infringement is infringement …Kinda like how there’s not an In-N-Out in NY but that doesn’t mean it’s “ok” for some burger joint there to open under the same name. Truth be told, when Sift first opened I smelled something funny and it wasn’t the cupcakes (which are delicious as well)!

  2. Well I googled Sift Cupcakery and you can read the whole lawsuit and it said that not only about the Cupcakery name but also the owner Andrea ballis worked for the LV woman and stole her ideas

  3. I am confused about them having to remove the word “cupcakery” from their name. I Googled “cupcakery” and there are many businesses throughout the US using this word in their business name. Are they all being threatened too?

      1. Just a guess, but these days hardly anybody goes into the restaurant business, especially at lower price points, without dreaming turning into a multi-outlet operation or franchise. So the Vegas people probably see themselves as the Quiznos of Cupcakes.

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