Share Your Restaurant Recommendations, Questions With Our Dining Editor

We're getting so many great recommendations and questions from our readers, we've decided to share them in our weekly Bite Club column. Here's your chance to offer some input.

Recently I reached out to readers asking for their restaurant recommendations and questions. You didn’t disappoint. In fact, I got so much great feedback, I’m going to add a new reader question to my Bite Club column each week. (Bite Club is published in The Press Democrat on Sundays and on weekly.)

Here’s our first inquiry from Melissa: “I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the opening of A&M BBQ that was supposed to occur April 1 in Sebastopol. Are you aware of any snag keeping it from opening as planned?”

Answer: Marvin’s BBQ owner Marvin Mckinzy said he’s working on some last-minute issues with Sonoma County that arose and the restaurant will be closed until next Thursday. The collaboration also is being finalized and the grand opening pushed back. Watch for more details on their Instagram page,

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