Scott Beattie Heads up Ramen Gaijin’s Cocktail Menu

Scott Beattie has created a Japanese-inspired cocktail menu you've got to taste to believe

Cocktail-whisperer Scott Beattie has created a drink menu for Ramen Gaijin inspired by his passion for Japan and, well, booze.

Tea-infused whiskeys, along with cocktails that showcase pickled plums and even mushrooms are beyond incredible. Also look for shrub cocktails with seasonal fruit from Bar Manager Gillian Tyrnauaer.

We’re a little bit in love, and a whole lot ready for happy hour.

Beattie uses three kinds of tea with Japanese whiskey (and this hand-cut ice cube) in the cocktails at Ramen Gaijin.
Citrus shrub cocktail at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Umeboshi plum Manhattan at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Plum wine cocktail with shiso at Ramen Gaijin (heather irwin)
Plum wine cocktail with shiso at Ramen Gaijin (heather irwin)
Seasonal pickled veggies with a shrub at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Whisky with a pickled mushroom at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
A Moscow Mule with pickled ginger at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Seasonal shrub cocktails at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Tyrnauaer and Beattie at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Ramen Gaijin bar manager and shrub expert Gillian Tyrnauaer at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)
Tea-infused whiskey at Ramen Gaijin (Heather Irwin)