Pasta King Art Ibleto opening Art’s Place in Rohnert Park

Pasta King Art Ibleto has taken over the former Seasons Sports Bar in Rohnert Park with plans to open a family-style trattoria in late February.

Art Ibleto will open Art's Place in Rohnert Park (courtesy of Art's Place)
Art Ibleto will open Art’s Place in Rohnert Park (courtesy of Art’s Place)

Pasta King Art Ibleto has taken over the former Seasons Sports Bar in Rohnert Park with plans to open a family-style trattoria in late February. 

Art’s Place will be a joint venture with his wife, Victoria, and daughter, Annette, and family friends Greg and Wendy Kalemba. The menu will be a mix of traditional Ibleto-favorites like polenta, minestrone, pesto and marinara along with wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and specialty entrees.

“We’re featuring Art’s food,” said Wendy Kalemba, adding that the family-operation will also include brother Angelo Ibleto’s focaccia. The vibe will be family-friendly with lunch and dinner served seven days a week. The restaurant will serve beer and wine.

Ibleto, 86, continues to run his Pasta King catering business and sauce empire and will being “making regular appearances” at the restaurant, said Kalemba.

“He just puts us all to shame with how hard he still works,” she added.

Art’s Place, opening soon at 563 Rohnert Park Expressway, Rohnert Park.


27 thoughts on “Pasta King Art Ibleto opening Art’s Place in Rohnert Park

  1. Been to Art’s. Very good with a great beer selection. (i’m Irish) Keep up the good work. The polenta is awesome. My new Monday place.

  2. Very anxious and excited for Art’s Place to open already! Just please, please have outstanding customer service, that is such an important factor. Seems as though that is NOT JUST ONE of my main criteria, most others have been saying they wouldn’t go back if the food was great, but not the service.

  3. This is the best news ever! I truck down huge containers of Art’s frozen pesto to LA every time I visit the north. Can’t wait to try the restaurant next time I’m up!

  4. had art’s food at a buffet in a forestville restaurant. it was some of the worst buffet food i’ve ever had. …just being honest.

    1. Reg, I have to agree with you 100%. I know Art has supported the community, etc. but darnit—his food is just not that good. Each and every time I’ve had it it tastes like mass produced stuff you’d get at a spaghetti feed fundraiser.

      1. Greasy, overcooked and bland. I don’t get the interest. Not sure why press gives him so much attention.

  5. Art and Vicky,

    I wish you both great success with your new venture of a locally owned and operated family restaurant. You both have given so much back to our community in times of great need providing pasta and more for so many fundraisers. You are both wonderful examples for others to follow in searching what the true meaning of community is. Best to you both, your family, friends and employee’s that will gather and assist in making this new restaurant a success.

  6. Love Art & his food!!! I have since I was a little girl…his pesto is my favorite & every year I have to go to the fair just to get Pasta King, (I could really care less about much else there!) I am so excited to try his new restaurant!

  7. Rohnert Park can really use this. With the exception of Take for Sushi – the BEST – all we have since the demise of Latitude is chains, taqueria’s, pizza and Chinese. Adding another locally owned restaurant that serves up good food is long overdue!! Hoping this wonderfully generous family prospers!

  8. Very giving, generous guy He gave to my child’s school and church. I am very hopeful that your business will thrive for generations. As the saying goes, “You reep what you sow.”

  9. Hands-down one of the best locally owned businesses there is. Keep us posted on opening day news, because we want to be there to show our support. Any time a friend or family member had experienced the loss of a loved one, I always bring food for the family from Pasta King. They are always so incredibly accommodating and just the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I wish them nothing but the best and am thrilled to see some vacant retail space being filled in Rohnert Park. Our daughters LOVE their pesto pasta, so this will be our new “go to” restaurant…CAN’T WAIT! Congratulations, Pasta King!!!

  10. I bet the line will be just like at the fair…long. Wonderful food, wonderful family too. They give so much to the community.

    1. And one more thing, I bet the comments will never have to be removed from being mean about Art. He is one loved person in our community.

  11. Sounds yummy…does anyone know what happened to Luigi? He disappeared off the face of the earth…is she still working for Art?

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