Big openings
Windsor’s new Pacific Rim restaurant, Chinois Asian Bistro (186 Windsor River, Windsor), has opened for dinner-only. The second restaurant for Ume’s Kelly Shu the menu pulls from Chinese, Japanese and other Asian influences. Also opening this week to a power outage, Mary’s Pizza Shack on Fourth St. in downtown Santa Rosa. The popular chain is weilding some serious muscle, space-wise, giving shack-ers plenty of space to nibble their crusts and rub elbows. It’s a nice family-friendly addition to downtown. Meanwhile, Santa Rosa’s much-awaited new Irish pub, Stout Bros. (also on Fourth St.), plans to finally open their doors on Tuesday. Owners are putting the finishing touches on the bar this week. The big question: How will the fish and chips rate?

PS: Wondering what the heck’s been up with BiteClub the last couple weeks? I’m working on an exciting new food and wine project that’s been keeping my dance card full, full, full! Stay tuned for more details BiteClubbers. There’s lots more to come.