Wicked Good

I like a good Tootsie Roll as much as the next ghoul. I pilfer mini Twix bars and Halloween peanut butter cups from my kids (it’s really for their own good). But I’d consider selling my soul for wicked treats like these…

Death Becomes Her
Take, for example, Mori Ex Cacao from Valerie Confections. These ultra-luxe plum-sized chocolate skills are flavored with scorched caramel, bitter brandied cherry and ‘curious chili’ “a devilish mixture of chilies and spices. All wrapped up in black silk. Ridiculously expensive at $95 for the set, this isn’t for every pocketbook. But think how lovely it would feel to send one to your ex-girlfriend. Pair with Modern Alchemy’s Salem candle, scented with New England maple, hickory and walnut. Then burn, baby, burn.

But can you live in it?
Dean and Deluca’s Pumpkin Cake: Six layers of vanilla spiced cake with praline butter cream and a center layer of chocolate fudge. Looks like a pumpkin. Tastes like heaven. Costs a small fortune. $110, Dean and Deluca.

Pumpkin spice goat milk ice cream: Laloo’s rich and creamy ice cream embodies fall. Insanely good and not a hint of goaty-ness.

Norman Love white chocolate pumpkin pie truffle: Almost to pretty to eat. Almost.

Chocolate Horror Pizza: A slice of milk chocolate pizza topped with an array of ghoulish goodies, including an eyeball truffle & Gummi worms. Moonstruck Chocolate, $7.

Bobbing for caramel apples: Chocolate apples are filled with caramel and milk chocolate ganache. Just don’t tell your dentist. Moonstruck Chocolate, $28.

Cinnamon malt chocolate pieces from Recchiuti are decorated with ghosts, black cats, bats and Jack ‘O Lanterns. $18.

You still willing to choke down that linty lollipop? Tell me your favorite Halloween treats.