Much ado about Bovolo?

Healdsburg restaurant isn't closing.

Healdsburg was abuzz with the rumor that longtime eatery, Bovolo (106 Matheson Street  Healdsburg, 431-2962) was destined for a  shutter. Owners John Stewart and Duskie Estes say the no way. “We’re not going anywhere. We have a lease,” said Stewart, mid-preparation for his staff holiday party. The Zazu owners share the space with Copperfield’s bookstore, and Stewart said there have been many different plans for the space over the years, but his immediate departure isn’t one of them.

Meanwhile, the couple are selling 2,000 pounds of their Black Pig Bacon a month, with shipments going to former Iron Chefs, restaurateurs and specialty shops around the country. That’s a whole lotta bacon, any way you slice it.