The Coquito Holiday Treato

Holiday grog with a Latin twist

If you’re a fan of holiday nogs — and really who isn’t — El Coqui’s got  a Latin twist on the yuletide classic that’s all kind of tasty. The Puerto Rican grog they’re serving at the downtown Santa Rosa restaurant over the next few weeks is made with a secret blend of coconut cream, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, vanilla and with a healthy hint of the hard stuff. Typically that means a bump of rum, but at the restaurant, they’re using a less potent Soju to keep you on your feet.  Served by the glass only (though we think they oughta bottle this stuff!) 400 Mendocino Avenue  Santa Rosa, 542-8868.

Wanna make your own?
Here’s the full-fat, fully loaded recipe from All Recipes.