Mister Hof Brau closed

Restaurant for sale

UPDATE: Sam called Monday and informed BiteClub that the restaurant is not reopening and is for sale.

Refrigeration issues have shuttered Mister Hof-brau (458 B St., Santa Rosa, 545-6237) until Monday, June 4 according to owners.

“We are having mechanical problems and…need some major repairs,” said Sam Samii. Sam and brother Narsi Samii reopened the their carvery in the Brickyard Center in downtown Santa Rosa last March after losing their lease at Coddingtown Center after 27 years.

During the temporary closure, Sam is also transferring his ownership of the restaurant to Narsi. “I’m going to step down. I’m giving control back to Narsi. He is the expert,” said Sam.

A hand-written closure sign in posted on the door of the restaurant early this week sparked concern and rumors in the restaurant scene that the relocated hofbrau may be facing a second closure. Sam assures BiteClub the restaurant will soldier after the repairs.