8 Luxury Winery Experiences in Sonoma & Napa

Got some extra cash? Here's one way to spend it.

There are times when a budget holiday just doesn’t cut it: a honeymoon, an anniversary getaway, a 50th birthday trip – these are all occasions that deserve making a splurge on. And in Sonoma and Napa Wine Country there’s plenty of ways to spend your hard earned dollars. But before you take out your checkbook or credit card, you’ll want to make sure you will get the best bang for your buck; don’t settle for an expensive, but less than extraordinary experience.

To aid you in your quest for luxury, we’ve picked out eight local wineries that have curated tasting experiences that cater to discerning visitors. From exclusive behind-the-scene tours and immersive winemaking sessions to farm-to-table feasts with renowned chefs and vintners, click through the gallery above for your guide to the good Wine Country life.