Jimmy Crack Corn: Edible Cannabis-Infused Caramel Corn

Sonoma-made edible cannabis-infused caramel corn is popular with 215 patients

Jimmy Crack Corn Medicated Caramel Corn. (JOHN BURGESS/The Press Democrat)

Move over pot brownies, because gourmet cannabis goodies from chocolate truffles and chai tea to cupcakes and caramel popcorn are becoming one of the hottest food trends. Often referred to in the medical marijuana community as “medibles”, these THC-infused goodies deliver measured doses of medicinal cannabis via eating, rather than smoking.

At last year’s Emerald Cup, a competition and exposition for Northern California’s biggest cash crop, a local food purveyor took home a coveted second place award for his offbeat medible, Jimmy Crack Corn.

Sold in small sealed bags, the organic caramel popcorn is made with canna-butter (butter infused with marijuana flowers), offering up two to three doses of about 45 mg per dose. Though he declined to use his full name in print, Jimmy of Jimmy Crack Corn said his product is selling like, well, its namesake, at dispensaries throughout the North Coast.

What does it taste like? We hear it’s just like a really good caramel corn — buttery, rich and crunchy, with just a hint of pine as a result of the pungent cannabis flowers.

Jimmy Crack Corn is only available to patients with a valid medical marijuana recommendation from their doctor.

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9 thoughts on “Jimmy Crack Corn: Edible Cannabis-Infused Caramel Corn

  1. I’ve seen the introduction of more and more varieties of edibles, so I guess I’m not surprised to see popcorn on this list. I’m curious to see what they’ll come out with next. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah it’s a real shame that the PD has compassion when it comes to MEDICINE! You did note that it takes a script to actually sample this correct? And I’m betting you haven’t educated yourself….what a shame. THANK YOU PD for supporting OUR RIGHT to better quality of life….. even when others believe we don’t.

  3. As a former Sonoma County resident now living further north where recreational use of such goodies is permitted, I do have one lament: Why make such yumminess out of pot products that will lead to MUNCHIES… oh the irony!

    And as someone who has used marijuana medicinally, and who has friends who can’t get relief for pain, anxiety and other issues any other way that isn’t narcotic/addictive, I say set your fears aside. Medical marijuana has many VALID uses and like any other drug it can get into the hands of kids–so do opiates, alcohol, etc. It’s the role of adults to monitor their substances and their kids. But don’t deny the use of relatively harmless substances to those who need it.

  4. Jeez Heather, pandering to drug dealers with candy that kids will find and eat. Will it be leaving guns lying about next as decorative snack holders. You crossed the line.

  5. Go eat your synthetics…….it’s a plant. My Dad suffered from Parkinson’s and my Mom died from chemo poisoning…….I wish I had had that to give them. Agenda of the editors?@!?to all those children reading the PD? I don’t think so.

    1. You seriously think munching on cannabis would have solved either of their problems? It’s a drug packaged attractively for kids and teens so they can move on to greater things. Whether it starts ot as a plant or not, it’s still a frickin’ chemical…

  6. More pandering to children by the PD. This is NOT news it is the agenda of the editors of the PD to somehow mainstream dope use. Who gives to craps about dope infused anything? As if it is some delicacy. What it is, is a way for stoners to get high, pure and simple.

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