Are you Grateful? Are you Charistmatic, Sassy, Golden or Abundant? Prepare to be all of them…and much moremore when SF’s Cafe Gratitude opens in Healdsburg in mid-September.
Are we ready for all this raw, vegan, healthful positivity? The restaurant has been a whirlwind success elsewhere in the Bay Area with its combination of rejuvenating foods, lifestyle affirmations and social conscience. Want a side of spicy olive tapenade, you’ll need to order, “I am Extra Opulent”. Pesto Pizza made with hemp seeds goes by the moniker “I am Sensational”.
Aside from their jazzy names, all items on the menu are “live” foods — meaning nothing is actually cooked (but can be warmed slightly). That means lots of salads, smoothies and shakes, but Gratitude also has a plan for soups (Pho Miso, carrot avocado, etc), pizza, lasagna and grain bowls. No meat, no animal proteins, no heat, no gluten, all the rage.
Prepare to feel “abundant” with you wallet, however. Appetizers run upwards of $8.50, salads $12-$15 and entrees around $15. Feel-good fare doesn’t come cheap.
Cafe Gratitude, 206 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. Expected to open in mid-September 2008.