BLT Brew Ha!

The bacon has hit the fan.

Seems that longtime PD food writer and cookbook author Michele Anna Jordan isn’t too happy about Windsor’s most recent attempt to create the World’s Largest bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Chris Smith recently wrote about the flap which boils down to the fact that Jordan (who wrote the BLT Cookbook and was part of several other World’s Largest BLT attempts locally) was not part of the most attempt. Exactly why she wasn’t there is the subject of much consternation.

And trust me, consternation is only the very tip of the 146-foot sandwich here. There are some seriously unhappy folks on both sides. I’ve got a string of emails that are bordering on War and Peace in length. I’ve had some very emotional phone calls. I ate an entire bag of M&M’s last night worrying about the whole thing, which McNibs thought was absolutely hysterical. It’s about a sandwich. Sheesh.

I want to believe that this was a serious case of mis-communication rather than intentional malice because I know most of the folks involved. They’re all good people. The bottom line is that BLT or BTL or whatever you want to call it, this weekend’s event was bigger than its players — it was about fun, community and most of all about helping a group of culinary students at Windsor high school who really needed the, uh, dough. Everyone agrees that’s the most important thing.

It would really stink to have people who’ve individually contributed so much to our culinary community permanently at war. So let’s bury the bread knife if we can. Or at least have a tomato fight to sort it all out. I’ll host.

NOTE: Comments will be closely monitored. I won’t tolerate name calling or intentional nastiness. Let’s heal. Please.