Guy Fieri Opens New Delivery-Only Restaurant Chain

Flavortown Kitchen will be serving up fried pickles, beefy burgers, bacon poppers and other gut-filling goodness.

Does Guy Fieri ever sleep? After raising millions for restaurant worker relief, feeding local first responders, filming local episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Diners, saving a historic butcher shop from closing, and, ya know, launching a new Food Network cooking competition show this month, he’s also heading up a nationwide chain of ghost kitchens.

Flavortown Kitchen is a delivery-only comfort food concept operating out of existing restaurants. Featuring a lineup of fried, cheesy and saucy dishes like Jalapeno Pig Poppers, Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, Buffalo Wings, burgers (with Donkey sauce, natch), his Chicken Guy! fried chicken sandwiches (oh yeah, that’s another business), chicken Alfredo, mac and cheese, fried pickles and cheesecake topped with potato chips, pretzels, and fudge sauce, it’s heartburn-inducing just thinking about it.

The ghost kitchen concept — running a virtual restaurant that’s delivery-only — has been a popular pandemic business concept that eschews the brick and mortar for a shared commercial kitchen that can do any type of cuisine.

Here’s the catch: No news of a Flavortown Kitchen in Sonoma County at this point. Many of the “borrowed” kitchens are at chains like Bucco di Beppo. But hey, Guy, we hear Tex Wasabi’s is still available…

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